INNOVATION, IDSA's flagship publication, is one of the best places to learn about the practice of industrial design. Every issue of INNOVATION reaches IDSA's membership, Fortune 500 companies, universities, associations, design consultancies and subscribers around the world. Published quarterly, subscribers and design offices maintain a catalog of back issues for reference and inspiration. IDSA also offers the publication digitally to members on an interactive platform. 

With its clean layout, quality editorials and top-notch content, IDSA members named INNOVATION their number one benefit in recent membership surveys. A practicing design professional Mark Dziersk, FIDSA, who brings many years of consultant design expertise to the job, serves as executive editor. 

INNOVATION is the voice of the industrial design profession, providing in-depth coverage of industrial design issues while communicating the value of design to business and society at large.This award-winning quarterly is generously illustrated with images of cutting-edge designs. For the past several years, issues have been made available digitally to all members for review on their computers or tablets. Older issues and selected articles of every issue are available to anyone interested in industrial design. Issues of INNOVATION dating back to its origination in 1982 are available in offices worldwide for staff use. INNOVATION reaches more industrial designers in North America than any other ID publication. It is the publication designers go to for content and substance on industrial design. 

Professional IDSA members receive a free copy of INNOVATION four times a year as part of their member benefits. Copies of past articles or full editions of can be ordered by calling 703.707.6000 x118. Nonmembers can subscribe to the quarterly or become an IDSA member.

INNOVATION: Spring 2014 Current Issue
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  • INNOVATION: Winter 2013
    Winter 2013
    Design Beliefs
    Gretchen Gscheidle
  • INNOVATION: Fall 2013 Yearbook of Design Excellence
    Fall 2013
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • INNOVATION: Summer 2013
    Summer 2013
    Design as Strategy
    Mark Capper
  • INNOVATION: Spring 2013
    Spring 2013
    Design in Unexpected Places
    Jim Couch
  • INNOVATION: Winter 2012
    Winter 2012
    Designing Understanding
    Stephen B. Wilcox, FIDSA
  • INNOVATION: Fall 2012
    Fall 2012
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2012
    Summer 2012
    Wounded Warriors + Design
    Pattie Moore, FIDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2012
    Spring 2012
    Tucker Viemeister, FIDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2011
    Winter 2011
    Overcoming Barriers
    Ramsey Ford and Kate Hanisian
  • Innovation: Fall 2011 Yearbook of Design Excellence
    Fall 2011
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2011
    Summer 2011
    Frontiers of Design
    Chris Hosmer, IDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2011
    Spring 2011
    Material Witness
    Warren Ginn, IDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2010
    Winter 2010
    Design of the Decade
    Charles L. Jones, FIDSA
  • Innovation: Fall 2010 Yearbook of Design Excellence
    Fall 2010
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2010
    Summer 2010
    Interactive Experiences
    Don Carr, IDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2010
    Spring 2010
    Design Research
    Marty Gage, IDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2009
    Winter 2009
    Global Energies
    Gregg Davis, IDSA
  • Innovation: Fall 2009 Yearbook of Design Excellence
    Fall 2009
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2009
    Summer 2009
    Dogged Pursuits
    David Laituri, IDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2009
    Spring 2009
    Navigating Uncharted Waters
    Tucker Viemeiser, FIDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2008
    Winter 2008
    The Core of Design Education
    Ed Dorsa, IDSA
  • Innovation: Fall 2008 Yearbook of Design Excellence
    Fall 2008
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2008
    Summer 2008
    Inside the Corporate Mind
    Mark Rolston
  • Innovation: Spring 2008
    Spring 2008
    Sustainability: Shades of Green
    Phillip White, IDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2007
    Winter 2007
    Designing Emotional Connections
    Fridolin T. Beisert
  • Innovation: Fall 2007, IDEA Yearbook
    Fall 2007
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2007
    Summer 2007
    International Dynamics in Design
    Peter Zec
  • Innovation: Spring 2007
    Spring 2007
    The Big-Box Effect
    Scott Dobias
  • Innovation: Winter 2006
    Winter 2006
    Flexible Models of Open Innovation
    Jennifer Evans Yankopolus
  • Innovation: Fall 2006, IDEA Yearbook
    Fall 2006
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2006
    Summer 2006
    Who Knew?
    Darrel Rhea, IDSA and Lisa Leckie
  • Innovation: Spring 2006
    Spring 2006
    Design's World Party
    Tao Huang
  • Innovation: Winter 2005
    Winter 2005
    20 Designers, 10 Questions
    James Conley
  • Innovation: Fall 2005, IDEA Yearbook
    Fall 2005
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2005
    Summer 2005
    Is Sustainability Attainable?
    William McDonough and Michael Braungart
  • Innovation: Spring 2005
    Spring 2005
    Old School, New School
    Yves Béhar, IDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2004
    Winter 2004
    The Future...
    Gadi Amit, IDSA
  • Innovation: Fall 2004, IDEA Yearbook
    Fall 2004
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2004
    Summer 2004
    The Power of Persuasion
    Leslie E. Speer, IDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2004
    Spring 2004
    The Maslow Myth: Toppling the Pyramid
    Carroll Gantz, FIDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2003
    Winter 2003
    Will China Determine Design's Future?
    Richard Mandel
  • Innovation: Fall 2003, IDEA Yearbook
    Fall 2003
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Summer 2003
    Medical Design
    Michael Wiklund, IDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2003
    Spring 2003
    Dan Harden, IDSA
  • Innovation: Winter 2002
    Winter 2002
    Intellectual Capital
    Jim Kaufman, IDSA
  • Innovation: Fall 2002, IDEA Yearbook
    Fall 2002
    Yearbook of Design Excellence
  • Innovation: Summer 2002
    Summer 2002
    Global Design and Cultural Identity
    Tom Hardy, IDSA
  • Innovation: Spring 2002
    Spring 2002
    Alistair Hamilton, IDSA