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IDSA produces four (4) issues of INNOVATION each year, which are released quarterly. Annual subscriptions may be purchased by individuals, academic institutions, or corporate organizations. A subscription includes four (4) printed issues of the magazine and is effective from date of purchase. IDSA professional members in the United States receive a printed copy of INNOVATION as well as digital access to the current and previous issues as a benefit of membership. IDSA Student members recieve all issues digitally and may purchase a subscription to receive the printed issues. Learn more about IDSA membership


Subscription Rates (Effective March 1, 2022):

Professional Individuals or Organizations $125.00 USA $150.00 Canada/Mexico $175.00 International
Student (with student ID) $50.00 USA $50.00 Canada/Mexico $50.00 International


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Claims: For missing issues, please issue claims within 6 months of publication as issues may become out of print.  Send claims to IDSA will replace up to one magazine per subscription term at no cost to the customer.