Effective INsight Definition

In his second installment for IDSA INsights, Jonathan Dalton, IDSA, co-founder and CEO of THRIVE, takes a closer look at building a better business.

IDSA Weighs In

Robert Katz, A/IDSA, will speak on Samsung v Apple at IDSA's International Conference 2016. It's the first US Supreme Court case in more than a century involving design patents, and the outcome could define the value of product design.

IDEA 2016 Winners

136 Gold, Silver and Bronze winners have been chosen from among more than 1,700 entries worldwide. See the results.

New Levels
of Success

Former IDSA Board Member Bret Smith, IDSA, has been named the director of interdisciplinary studies and associate director of Auburn University's College of Architecture, Design and Construction.
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Unique Perspective

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to Design

IDSA Fellow and IDSA International Design Excellence Award winner Lou Lenzi, FIDSA, is retiring after a 36–year career in industrial design.
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