2021 Academic Jury

Identifying and celebrating our best design talent.

Thank you to these design practitioners and educators who volunteer their time to serve as judges of this year’s SMAGSMAScholarships, and Education Papers programs. Each judge is responsible for reviewing a considerable amount of content in the process of making their scores and selections. Their dedication and commitment towards identifying and celebrating the next generation of design talent is an invaluable resource to our community. The group below includes all members of IDSA's 2020-2021 Education Council.

2021 jury group is led by IDSA's Education Director, Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, Assistant Professor - Industrial Design at Iowa State University



Undergraduate SMA, Graduate SMA, & Scholarship Judges

Dr. Thomas Ask, PE, IDSA
Pennsylvania College of Technology

Danielle Chen, IDSA
EY Design Studios (Ernst & Young LLP)

Chloe Condon

Kyle Ellison, IDSA
Trailside Creative

Jemma Frost

Carly Hagins, IDSA
Western Michigan University

Adam Jossem
Jet Pack Industries

Joshua Lederer
Lexicon Design

Eddie Licitra, IDSA
McKinsey Design

Ben Lindo

Seda McKilligan, IDSA
Iowa State University

Kat Reiser, IDSA
Rise Design

Christy Sepulveda
M3 Design

Kevin Shankwiler, IDSA
GA Tech

Paul Skaggs, IDSA
Brigham Young University

Susan Sokolowski, IDSA
University of Oregon

Monica Tournoux, IDSA
Design Central

Education Paper Judges

Basak Altan, IDSA
Independent Consultant

Ben Bush, IDSA
Auburn University

Tod Corlett, IDSA
Jefferson University

Dr. James Fathers
Syracuse University

Robert Fee
Savannah College of Art and Design (emeritus)

Adam Feld, IDSA
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Jason Germany, IDSA
University of Washington

Lauren McDermott, IDSA
Arizona State University

Dr. Andrea McDonough-Varner
Pennsylvania College

Hari Nair
Savannah College of Art and Design

Hale Selek, IDSA
University of Oregon

Dosun Shin, IDSA
Arizona State University

Kelly Umstead, IDSA
North Carolina State

Jerrod Windham, IDSA
Auburn University