Sooshin Choi, IDSA

Sooshin Choi  |  College for Creative Studies

Sooshin Choi, IDSA, is the provost and vice president for academic affairs and a professor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He's responsible for developing vision and leadership for all matters related to academic operations. Choi also taught at and served as a school director at the University of Cincinnati for more than 10 years. His industry career includes 18 years of automotive design, five years of system furniture design and three years of innovative product design. 

Choi is the chair of IDSA's 2016 International Conference in Detroit. He's a frequent speaker at various international venues and serves as a jury and a judge in numerous international design competitions, including IDSA's International Design Excellence Awards. Choi served as education vice president on IDSA's Board of Directors from 2012-2014 and was named IDSA's Educator of the Year in 2014, He also belongs to the new Michigan Design Council.