Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis, IDSA | Chair Furniture Section | bavis8*design

Brooke is currently the Chair of the Furniture Design Section of IDSA.

Brooke M. Davis, IDSA is the principal designer and owner at bavis8*design, Inc in Austin, TX.  This creative consultancy specializes in the application of design thinking for innovative solutions. Davis says, “Bavis8*Design is about helping clients to see their business and product development differently which helps create new and lasting relationships.” Davis is also internationally recognized for her unique styling in product and furniture design. Trained as an artist and industrial designer, she has gained notoriety for her process that combines artistic intuition with mass production techniques. Davis also taught as a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, LA for 5 years and most recently at Appalachian State University where she held a one- year position. Her specialties included teaching creative thinking and technical application in the design studio, materials and processes, rapid prototyping, CNC, and furniture design.

Davis' work is internationally recognized for its unique design sensibility, meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Davis says, "An object should call to you begging to be discovered. For me it is about the experience of an object, words aren't necessary when you are enamored." She recently introduced her work in New York at the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture fair. Her projects range from high-end limited run production and mass production objects to working on luxury custom installations for architectural clients. Look for her decorative bowls in the style section of the fall 2010 edition of LUXE Magazine!

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