Wai-Loong Lim


Wai-Loong Lim
Founder, Y Studios

Wai-Loong “Y” Lim is the founder of Y Studios, a multi-disciplinary design studio in San Francisco that applies socio-cultural insights into a wide range of projects. He considers himself lucky to have the opportunity to work on a very wide range of products, including consumer electronics, wearables, smart soft goods, medical, and equipment for brands such as Activision, Arlo, Samsung, Sonos, TiVo and VAVA.

Born in Malaysia, Y brings a multi-cultural sensitivity to his work with clients across North America, Europe and Asia, helping them generate billions in revenue globally. He is as passionate about crafting strategic objectives in the boardroom as he is about sweating the tactical details on the factory floor in Asia.

Y Studios’ work has won numerous awards, including IDEA, Red Dot, iF and GOOD Design. The Sonos SUB is in the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum.



Getting It Made Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

It Takes A Global Village: Bringing Hardware to Life

A cool rendering can only get you so far. You got the client to buy into the dream, but then how do you actually get it into production? Is your design even manufacturable in the first place? 

With 25+ years of industrial design experience under his belt, Wai-Loong “Y” Lim has created a myriad of products in manufacturing quantities of hundreds to millions. Every product has a story and Y will narrate some of them in his webinar. Come join him as he takes you on a journey from ideation in San Francisco to sweating the details on the production floor in China, sharing some tips and tricks along the way.