Tim McGee

Tim McGee
Founder, LikoLab

Tim McGee is the founder of LikoLab, a consultancy that seeks to shape the future of products and services that renew and engage our relationship to nature.  Previously, he was one of the first biologists to spearhead bio-inspired design research at IDEO, where he developed new techniques to gather insights and led the creation of IDEO Nature Cards.

Tim pioneered the concept of Life-Centered Design and taught sustainable design at MCAD. He has provided insight to Fortune 100 companies seeking to be inspired by biological performance, resilience, and sustainability. A focus of his recent work has been the development and growth of Biophilic Design, helping to build the Biophilic Design initiative at the International Living Future Institute, and expanding those ideas from architecture into product design with his clients.



Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Life-Centered Design Handbook

Life-centered design is an attempt to recognize and provide language around the expansive nature of design today, including the primary realization that people are nature, and our designs and artifacts are natural parts of the biological ecosystems of earth. This presentation will highlight the concept of Life-design, and the emerging language and practices that address the need for a broader context of design. The presentation also will include tips and tools that designers can bring to their practice to engage and enhance their own Life-Centered practice.