Steve Burns

Steve Burns
VP of R&D
Kids II

Steve Burns is the VP of research and development for Kids II’s Home Division—leading the development of the company’s platforms across five categories.  In the 15 years since he joined Kids II, Burns has been a part of the team responsible for the astounding growth of the company, including launching four of the five categories in which the company competes today. 

Burns leverages the company’s focus on consumer insights and a commitment to creating great consumer experiences to design infant products. The excitement of design never diminishes as designers continuously seek to anticipate ever-evolving consumer preferences—driven by social, technological and economic factors to create products that meet the needs of infants and their parents.

Burns is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a BSID, and was a partner/principal with two Atlanta area consulting firms prior to joining Kids II.

Growing Businesses through Design

Design is the single biggest contributor to the growth of Kids II—a privately held, infant product and toy company based in Atlanta.  Kids II is a global player in the juvenile products industry stemming from innovation and product solutions that resonate with new parents.   

Deftly focused on meeting the expectations of consumers to develop solutions that are meaningful and differentiated has allowed for ongoing and sustainable growth for the organization. Steve Burns discusses how he and his team derive outcomes that meet the expectations of customers and consumers—and how that focus has contributed to the success of Kids II.