Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA


Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA, MMM, B-Eng
Design Innovation Leader
Director, Consultant and Global Strategic Partnerships | PARK

Twitter & IG  @CLAMBANET

NYCxDESIGN Steering Committee representative for IDSA: Current
IDSA Board of Directors, Sections Director: Current
Chapter Chair NYC: 2010-2012
District Vice President, North East District: 2012-2015 

Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA is a product design and innovation leader with comprehensive global experience in areas of digital transformation, digital design and innovation management, and holistic closed looped systems thinking for end-to-end product development. He is well versed in providing cross-functional leadership and overseeing associated functions to include strategic planning and partnerships, experience design, product lifecycle management, large-scale project management, new business development, global marketing, team building, engineering, manufacturing operations and stakeholder engagement.

A thinker and a doer, Stephan has 20 years of experience working for tech giant IBM and global enterprise software leader Dassault Systemes, leading product design and innovation project for clients around the world. In addition, he is a strong communicator experienced in directing large teams and managing relationships with diverse clients, colleagues, and international stakeholders at all levels. He has also been accountable for securing and retaining high-level clients and Fortune 500 companies in numerous sectors, spearheading design and innovation services across multiple channels and executing global product development, research, and marketing strategies to facilitate sustainable business growth in highly competitive markets. Further, Stephan is a multifaceted professional capable of leveraging extensive industry experience and executive management skills to drive the continued achievement of organizational objectives following the triple bottom line. He is known as a versatile contributor with experience in all product design and innovation management functions, has exceptional communication and leadership skills, and a continued commitment to implementing industry best practices fueled by an emphasis on sustainability.

Besides being a global design and utility patent holder, Stephan has an active keynote and public speaking schedule around the world at conferences, most recently at the 2021 Athens EcoFest, 2021 Boston Design Week, IDSA’s Sustainability Deep Dive 2020 and 2021, Great Wave Athens Hub, the Sustainability Forum, Milan Salone, Denver Design Week, SxSW, NYCxDesign, DMI, IDC, and the Innovation Summit, evangelizing on the strategic value of circular design, industrial design and innovation. He has published multiple papers on Creative Business Leadership, Augmented Reality, Mobility, Design Thinking, Innovation, Product Lifecycle Mgmt, ID, Eco-Design, Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability, and more recently Design for Humanity.

Stephan has been an elected IDSA Leader since 2010 as a Member of the Board and Sections Director, Vice President for the Northeast District, and Chair of IDSA for New York City. He was invited for a residency of the House of Beautiful Business. He was just nominated to join the Birthing of Giants Fellowship Program. He serves on the advisory boards of numerous startups and on the executive committee for New York Design Week, representing IDSA, and is a permanent mentor of numerous global accelerators, including the German Accelerator and the Orange Grove. He lives in New York with his wife and son.



Statement of Candidacy (Board of Directors - Sections Director | 2022-2023 term)

When I look at how to best continue to support the development of our organization overall, I feel very strongly that, continuing as Section Director for another term, I can continue to execute on the vision and see my strategy through to the end for a truly new era of Section Leadership for IDSA. We are well on the way! The work initiated jointly with the IDSA HQ staff and leadership has already borne fruit! With my leadership, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and a national platform, we are already elevating the impact that IDSA Sections and their Leaders are having on our growing community. The results to date speak for themselves.

Together we have expanded and grown our Sections. We have re-energized many pof the ones we have had and created new ones that represent our community's current interests. During my tenure on the Board, we took the appropriate steps collectively to elevate our Women in Design Section to the national level it deserved. We approved the formation of IDSA’s DEI Council, and we collaborated to ensure the Sections’ strategy mirrors the DEIC needs. I want to continue to empower and support each Section Leader to increase their national recognition, building on the groundwork of my predecessors. Through my national and international cross-disciplinary contacts that span all Sections, as well as my role on the advisory committee representing IDSA for New York Design Week (NYCxDesign), I can drive relevancy and advocacy, and ensure IDSA continues to be recognized as global platform for Design.

Beyond these results, I would like to enhance and curate relevant Section content to the IDSA website and all our social media platforms that illustrates the breadth and depth of our organizational expertise. There is a plethora of institutional knowledge to harness from our strongest assets: YOU, our members, the true subject matter experts. With IDSA Fellows, Section member professionals, young professionals, students, and new members, we can all be solid content contributors. With use of a collaborative platform and standard social networking tools, I want us to celebrate IDSA and to showcase the true power of the IDSA Section community.

As a design leader, my strategic experience in leading interdisciplinary, global design and product development programs for clients gives me the tools to excel in this role. I have the energy, passion, and vested interest in the future of the IDSA Sections, and the proven IDSA Leadership track record to do what it takes.