Ryan Ringholz

Ryan Ringholz
Founder & Chief Designer

Ryan Ringholz is an internationally recognized brand expert and designer who is founder and chief designer at PLAE.

As lead designer at Puma, he launched the more than $1 billion lifestyle division. Ringholz then went to Diesel, growing footwear to more than $300 million and subsequently UGG, where he created the strategic plan that grew the business from $250 million to $1 billion in five years. He’s also launched his own men’s footwear line and consulted for dozens of the world’s best brands.

Design and Creativity Inspired by Kids

Kids are the ultimate dreamers and creators—the embodiment of creativity—because they think anything is possible. They are unrestrained by fear and use their imaginations to solve problems adults simply can’t. That's why Ryan Ringholz, founder and chief designer of PLAE, looks to kids for inspiration to build a next-gen lifestyle brand focused on fun, creativity and design.

Ringholz will share power of being serious about fun; the impact that tapping into your inner child has on creativity and design; and how he’s used this philosophy to build an emerging global lifestyle brand.