Pearly Pandya


Pearly Pandya
Manufacturing Engineer at Edwards Lifesciences


Pearly is a Manufacturing Engineer at Edwards Lifesciences, where she supports the production of surgical and transcatheter heart valves. Pearly has previously worked with Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, and she has designed for fields ranging from orthopedics to cancer therapy. 

She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology, where she studied Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Design. She is currently pursuing her Master’s at Stanford University. 



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

“Poka-yoke” Your Medical Device Design

When you’re designing a medical device, who is your user persona? An overwhelmed patient? A busy surgeon? Or maybe, a hardworking production worker? While understanding user need is paramount, examining mistake opportunities is also essential for rapid transfer from concept to commercialization. 

In this presentation, Pearly will share transferable design techniques through examples of "poka-yoke" designs and an introduction to FDA Guidance on Human Factors.