Michael Mode

Michael Mode
Big Lightbulb, Inc.

Michael Mode is a speaker, magician and innovation consultant who teaches audiences how to “Innovate the Impossible” so they can solve challenges that might seem unsolvable. In addition to consulting and performing, Mode designs original illusions for theme parks and many of the top names in magic. He’s also one of a handful of magicians to be invited to join the legendary magician David Copperfield’s creative group, Magic Lab. As president of Big Lightbulb, Inc., Mode manufactures and distributes original products to stores around the world.

Innovate the Impossible

TEDx speaker Michael Mode, president of Big Lightbulb, Inc. will talk about the fascinating relationship between magic and innovation by showcasing significant inventions by magicians throughout history.

The audience will be entertained, learning how to use a magic mindset to think differently and solve what may have seemed like impossible challenges in the past.