Michael Laris, IDSA

Michael Laris, IDSA
VP of Global Innovation

Originally an architect in California, Michael Laris, IDSA, spent 19 years in Denmark and was converted into an architect of play. And he loves it. Presently he is VP of global innovation with PlayPower.

During 20 years in this field, he has had the great pleasure of collaborating with a host of students, universities, companies and design firms. His work has earned several global honors, including an IDSA International Design Excellence Award. Most gratifying—being a part of re-inventing the play industry through product innovation and making a better world for children through play.

Designing for (the business of) PLAY

A huge part of what we have learned, we learned through play. Critical thinking. Creative problem solving, collaboration, compassion, too. These attributes are of basic importance to the development of every child. Play designers, create products with this in mind.

At the same time, we find that many times these same attributes are absent around the board table. As a designer, and now VP of global innovation for the world’s largest manufacturer of play equipment, PlayPower, Michael Laris, IDSA, will share the importance of bringing the skills we learned in play, and developed as designers, to board members who sometimes have forgotten lessons learned on the playground.