Sean Hägen, IDSA

Sean Hägen, IDSA | Principal, Director of Research & Synthesis, BlackHägen Design 

Medical Section Chair 2010-2011
Medical Section VIce Chair 2012-2013
Section VP 2014-2016

Sean Hägen earned a Bachelor of Science in Product Design from The Ohio State University’s Industrial Design program, with an emphasis on human factors engineering, design research  and design methodology.  Hägen has over 20 years of research and product development experience in a variety of industries ranging from luxury vehicles and mission critical, ruggedized electronics to medical devices and user interfaces.

Since founding BlackHägen Design, Inc. (BH) in 1995, he has lead design research and usability design projects, within both institutional and home environments, across eighteen countries. His current focus at BH is in the management of the user research and insight translation phases of product development. That focus includes contextual inquiry, usability testing, user-centric innovation, establishing user requirements and user interface design.

Hägen has published articles on usability research and design as well as contributed to domestic and international standards for usability development processes. He is currently an active member on the AAMI Human Factors committee where he is a contributing author to the revision of ANSI/HE75, TIR 50 and 59. He was the IDSA Medical Section Chair from 2010-2013, Medical Design Conference Chair in 2014 and is currently the Sections VP.

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