Marc Greuther

Marc Greuther | The Henry Ford

Marc Greuther is The Henry Ford’s chief curator and senior director of historical resources.  He has a bachelor's degree in art history from the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, and nearly three decades of with collections at The Henry Ford.  His seven years as a member of the institution’s Historic Operating Machinery Unit involved him in the operational stewardship of a wide range of artifacts, from 19th century machine tools and steam engines to late 20th century robots and production equipment.

As curator of industry and design he has broadened and deepened the institution’s technology, innovation and design holdings, particularly through the acquisition of several, significant, archival collections. As chief curator he leads the curatorial team and the development of curatorial strategy.  He has made many media appearances on behalf of the institution—most recently as part of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation television show for CBS; he has written articles for Make magazine and the Society for the History of Technology’s quarterly, Technology and Culture. In 2010, Greuther served on IDSA's Designs of the Decade jury.