Josh Madwed, IDSA


Josh Madwed, IDSA
Product Designer | Sittercity
Chair, IDSA Chicago Chapter| 2022-2023

Josh Madwed works as a Product Designer at Sittercity, a digital service that connects families to childcare providers. His passion for evolving the IDSA community has been shown in his role as Chair of the IDSA Chicago Chapter. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech while serving as President of the student IDSA chapter.



Statement of Candidacy (Education Council - Practitioner | 2022-2023 term)

Since joining the professional IDSA network, I've spent my time as Vice Chair of the Atlanta chapter elevating the community. One of my most audacious accomplishments has been initiating cross-chapter events. Over 120 attendants “Zoomed” into the multi-chapter Pantone Party, and we raised over $1000. Our chapter’s partnership with IDSA Austin was the launch of a long-term initiative to make planning events simpler for other chapters. For our Atlanta community, I authored a marketing strategy that tripled our Instagram following in six months.

I view my short time in the professional field as an advantage, specifically for this position. Just under two years ago, I was on the stage of the Georgia Tech auditorium wearing two hats—IDSA President and SMA (Student Merit Awards) finalist. As President, I had to encourage my classmates to participate. As an SMA finalist, I had to put together my presentation. My close proximity to these experiences gives me a distinct perspective; there are so many opportunities to make the process more seamless for students.

But when I ask myself why I want to be on the Education Council, it’s because I really love helping students. Since my senior year, I’ve stayed in touch with many underclassmen. I’ve helped them through portfolio reviews, first-year jitters, and the dreaded imposter syndrome. When I hear about the internship they got or a project they’re proud of, I light up inside because I know exactly how it feels. If there is any way I can help students, that is my passion.