Jay Greene

Jay Greene
Business Reporter

The Seattle Times

Jay Greene, a business reporter for The Seattle Times and previously Businessweek magazine’s Seattle bureau chief, has chronicled the rise and fall of corporations for nearly three decades. One thing he’s learned along the way is that the companies that don’t build lasting bonds with their customers—are the ones most likely to become irrelevant.

Greene’s book, Design Is How It Works, shows how some of the world’s smartest companies have used design to create more than just beautiful products. They’ve used great design to breed loyal customers who help propel those companies ahead of their competition. The book has been translated and published into several languages.

Greene has won several awards, including the Best In Business Award for Explanatory Journalism from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, for a series he wrote in 2012 on the lifecycle of an iPhone.

The New Industrial Revolution
Panel Moderator

In design, making is as much an ethos as it is a necessity. As designer-makers in the 21st century, we generally believe that the things we make are part of ourselves—an extension of our identity that allows us not only to distinguish ourselves, but also to invite others into our creative community. As a result, the design industry is changing—from the mass production methods of the past to a new era led by a new generation intent on doing, co-making, adopting DIY approaches and creating new tools that serve new needs. How will the new industrial revolution transform our profession and influence our society?