George Daniels, L/IDSA

Founder | Daniels Development Group, LLC
IDSA Board Secretary/Treasurer 2015-2017
Certified Expert Design Witness - website:
Photo Journalist

I have been certified by IDSA to be an Expert Witness in Design Patent litigation, and was the keynote speaker along with one of our HP attorneys at the 2012 US Patent and Trademark Office Design Day. I hold 25 US Patents (mostly Design) and numerous Design awards including the 2012 Australian Design Award for HP’s “Digital Rain” Design Language for our Enterprise Product Line, currently the IDSA Secretary/Treasurer, was a juror in the 2008 Microsoft/IDSA Next-Gen PC competition and a past officer in IDSA’s Texas Chapter, as well as an IDSA Patron sponsor for Corporate Design groups. My second career has become Photo Journalism with a photo essay entitled "Man and Nature in Harmony" recently being published in INNOVATION Magazine, Winter 2015 edition. I am a graduate of the Ohio State University in Industrial Design. I also participated in an MBA program at Arizona State University before being asked to become an Associate Professor of Design in their ID program (1987). I have devoted most of my career to developing Experience Design Strategy and Tactical Design Execution for hardware and software products, most recently in Compaq Computers and Hewlett-Packard, where I managed and directed a team that included industrial design, human factors user experience analysis, model making and graphic user interface design. Ii have been responsible for annual budgets of more than $1 million and product lines that were one-third of HP’s business. My second passion and new career is photo journalism and world travel. I founded Daniels Development Group, LLC, shortly after leaving HP about two years ago. I recently had a photo essay entitled, "Man and Nature in Harmony," shot in Singapore, and published in INNOVATION Magazine, 2015 Winter Edition. I believe that photography is simply another form of design that by looking through the lens, one composes and frames the shot, plays with light, color and texture and then presents the experience in a “never before seen” framework that delights the customer, much like the goals we have in ID. I am currently IDSA Secretary/Treasurer on the National IDSA Board of Directors, I support the University of Houston’s industrial design program by critiquing junior and senior projects and providing guest lectures as requested. I am also showing my photographic art in Galerie Spectra, Houston.

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