Ana Pinto da Silva

Ana Pinto da Silva
Principal Designer

Ana Pinto da Silva is a principal designer at Amazon. Her work synthesizes her interests in design, storytelling, architecture and emerging technologies with her deep passion for collaboration.

She is deeply committed to serving the creative community. Pinto da Silva is founder of the Seattle Pecha Kucha speaker series, one of the longest-running PK city series in the world. She serves on boards for 4Culture and Design In Public; and most recently has been an advisor to the Seattle Waterfront Design Oversight Committee.

Pinto da Silva received her BA in architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. She is a graduate of Seattle’s Leadership Tomorrow—serving as class valedictorian in 2009.

Designing Courage: Envisioning Future of The Future

With the advent of IoT, digital agents, ambient intelligence and ubiquitous computing—the future of design is at a critical point of inflection. Ana Pinto da Silva, principal designer at Amazon, finds that as we move away from predominantly, screen-based experiences toward multi-sensory, multi-modal engagements—within devices as small as micro-controllers and as large (or larger than) urban infrastructures—our understanding of design is about to be revolutionized. What will it mean to design user experience in the future?

Pinto da Silva takes a closer look at the design imperatives illuminating the challenges, critical questions and opportunities that lie ahead, as we collectively envision Future of the Future.