Alessandra Corona, IDSA


Alessandra Corona, IDSA
Industrial Designer, Big Bright
Founder, River Left

Alessandra Corona graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Industrial Design. She started her career with an internship at Quirky, then a full-time position at Kids II in Atlanta, GA. There she designed infant toys across the brands Bright Starts, Oball, and Baby Einstein. This position provided the opportunity to work on every product from conception to production. Not only was this important in polishing her skills in ideation, rapid sketching, and CAD modeling, it also gave Alessandra experience in communicating with a team in Asia and ensuring a product maintained its integrity through the manufacturing process. 

Next, Alessandra moved to Chicago to design makeup brushes, sponges, and storage for the Real Techniques and Ecotools brands. Some key projects include the Stick n' Store, Brush Crush, MultiTech, and limited-edition holiday collections. She designed and worked closely with manufacturers to develop the 2019 Redesign for Real Techniques, which resulted in highly instagramable products that work just as well as they look.

Finally breaking out on her own, Alessandra started Big Bright in where she helps businesses design and develop products that serve a meaningful purpose, are built to last, and add beauty to the users daily life. Most recently, she founded River Left, a women's sleepwear line that bridges the gap between overtly sexual nighties and unflattering muumuus. 



Women in Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

How Fashion Design Is an Offshoot of Industrial Design: One Designer's Journey to Starting a Sleepwear Brand

After accidentally stumbling onto a gap in the market, Alessandra realized she could use her experience in industrial design to develop a line of sleepwear. She knew she wanted it to be ethical and sustainable. She knew she wanted women to feel beautiful in their homes. She knew nothing about the fashion design process. 

In this talk, Alessandra will share the story that started the brand, sneak peeks into the design process, and what has been important to her along the way. As it turns out, fashion design is not so different from industrial design.