Krystal Persaud

Krystal Persaud
Founder & CEO, Grouphug Solar

Krystal Persaud is a product designer based in Brooklyn. She is obsessed with developing products that fall in the intersection of education, technology, and society. Anything else is not worth designing.

Krystal is currently the founder & CEO of Grouphug Solar. She's a Founding Member & former Senior Director of Product Design at littleBits. She's a graduate of the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design. She's also an adjunct instructor of interaction design at NJIT, SVA, and Parsons. She's spoken at numerous events, including the annual AIGA Design Conference and IDSA’s International Design Conference, and won a $150K investment from Mark Cuban on ABC's Shark Tank.



Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Design for Dystopia 

The world has all the chairs and lamps it needs. As a product designer, Krystal Persaud knows it’s sacrilegious not to drool every time she sees a high-end chair or lamp, but she’s sick of them. While she can’t decide what products should be made, she consciously puts her skills towards design activism and highlighting issues that need more awareness. It frequently entails tackling subjects that are not super sexy (i.e. energy, education, justice). In this talk, Persaud discusses how to tackle "designing for dystopia" while staying optimistic.