Kirk Morris, IDSA


Kirk Morris, IDSA
Design Manager, Bradshaw Home

Kirk Morris leads the product design and engineering team for the Cleaning Division of Bradshaw Home. With his BSc. in Industrial Engineering, Kirk held consulting positions at bp and IBM in his birthplace of Trinidad and Tobago. His Industrial Design journey started at SCAD in Savannah, GA, where he earned his MFA before joining the product design and development team at Target. He now lives in Massachusetts where he continues to use his unique background to drive innovation, diversity and efficiency throughout the product development process.



Getting It Made Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Straw Connections

The drinking straw is a simple yet versatile utensil with a long rich history that has become as controversial as it is convenient. Straw Connections explores phases of the industrial design process through the experience of developing home goods, by drawing parallels to notable trends in drinking straws over the past decade.