Kelsey Moffitt

Kelsey Moffitt
Senior Industrial Designer, Loop Global

Kelsey is an Industrial Designer based in Philadelphia. She is currently a Senior Industrial Designer at Loop Global, focusing on reusable packaging design and the delivery and recovery of reusable packaging from consumers. She was formerly an Industrial Designer at TerraCycle where she focused on enhancing recycling collection and engagement through technology-enabled bins and products. She’s a graduate of James Madison University’s SADAH in Industrial Design.



Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Guiding Manufacturers toward the Future of Sustainable Packaging

Single use packaging waste is one of the biggest topics in the global sustainability conversation today as it pollutes every corner of the globe. Take a deep dive with Kelsey Moffitt into the three-pronged approach of TerraCycle and Loop’s strategy to develop solutions for recyclable, recycled, and reusable packaging. Together the sister companies provide channels and platforms necessary for CPG manufacturers and retailers to make their packaging more sustainable and Eliminate the Idea of Waste.