Kate Knudsen

Kate Knudsen
Director of Human Factors and User Research
Intuitive Surgical

Kate Knudsen has spent nearly 20 years in medical device design—spanning from an R&D engineer developing new arthroscopic tools, through building a successful consulting firm—to her current role as the director of human factors and user research at Intuitive Surgical.

She is committed deeply to helping people learn and grow. Knudsen has coached many school sports and problem-solving teams, and currently is on the learning side as she begins competitive rowing.

Knudsen received her BS in biology from Trinity University and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of California at Davis. 

How Robotics Has Forever Changed Surgery

How has robotically-assisted surgery changed the operating room? What does it look like and how is it different? Kate Knudsen and Philip Thompson, Intuitive Surgical, take a closer look at robotically-assisted surgery, where it fits, how it has impacted the OR and what unique design and human factors considerations it brings.