Francie Krawcke

Francie Krawcke
Executive Director
Michigan Avian Experience

Francie Krawcke’s father once asked her what she wanted to do with her life. “Be happy!” was her response. Little did they know at the time, she would embark on a journey that would take her to 35 states and two countries—teaching with birds of prey.

With more than 15 years of raptor training experience and almost 20 years teaching in the environmental education and interpretation field, Krawcke is one of about a dozen individuals in the country who’ve successfully trained a wild bald eagle to free fly. In addition, she has free flown 10 different species and trained 20+ species of raptors.

With a degree from Northern Michigan University and as a Certified Interpretative Guide from the National Association of Interpretation, Krawcke is trained in the theory and practice of interpretation and environmental education. She’s presented at national and international conferences, organized Michigan Raptor Connection workshops and teacher training workshops, developed environmental conservation curriculum—and is having loads of fun.

Adaptation Artistry: Designed to Thrive

Humans rule the land. Birds rule the sky. We may share the same space but we live in completely different realms. With millions of years of evolution and adaptations with specialized tools—birds of prey hone their skills to near perfection with everything about them tailored to survive and thrive.

Join Michigan Avian Experience’s Francie Krawcke for an in-person look at these magnificent predators on the stage. From a charismatic falcon to an enchanting owl and the commanding bald eagle, the ambassador birds are sure to leave you inspired with a better understanding of this immensely creative natural world of wonder.