Sustainability Deep Dive 2020


Decades of global human activity and the expanding greenhouse effect have created a situation that needs to be addressed with more urgency than ever.


As fires burn huge swaths of land, storms become more intense, and ice caps melt, communities around the world are facing monumental challenges that are claiming lives and causing irreversible damage to our planet. We must take action today if we have any hope of creating paths forward to a sustainable future

This type of progress cannot happen in a silo. It is imperative that we collaborate across disciplines and business sectors to achieve success. As designers, we are uniquely qualified to play a central role in this endeavor.

As the developers of products and services used by billions of people around the world, industrial designers hold a crucial position: one that demands we look for ways in which our work can ignite social, cultural, and institutional change. By leveraging our resources, processes, and voice as designers, we can establish new ways of thinking and methodologies in our studios, companies, and corporate settings that, in turn, can help to ensure the ongoing health of our planet and its precious resources.

Creating a more sustainable future does not have to come at the expense of the business bottom line or our personal lifestyles. If fact, quite the opposite is true.

At IDSA’s Sustainability Deep Dive 2020, top industry influencers and cross-disciplinary designers will discuss how breakthrough processes; sustainable materials and distribution; reuse and recyclability; and more are producing a wellspring of innovative ideas and possibilities that are desperately needed to bring about change. This one-and-a-half day event will feature a mix of expert speakers and presentations; interactive skill-building workshops; and immersive off-site experiences, all built around the central theme of designing a sustainable future. This Deep Dive will provide attendees at all professional levels with the knowledge and actionable tools required to immediately make a difference in their organizations.



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