Medical Design Deep Dive 2019

Healthcare is morphing from an industry of instruments and cotton swabs to a potent intersection of high-tech electronics and smart materials, advanced display and imaging technologies, and big data. Surgical theaters are becoming high-tech garages for our bodies and the prevalence of self-monitoring wellness through wearables and integration with the IoT is blurring the boundaries between the hospital, clinic, home and mobile treatment and monitoring. 

NEXT Medical Design Deep Dive 2019 investigates how the role of design and the industrial designer is evolving to keep pace with the rapid changes in healthcare. What matters most and what do designers need to know in order to meet these new exciting challenges? 

NEXT delivers a rich, educational, and thought-provoking experience with in-depth talks and immersive ‘in-situ’ labs lead by some of the industry’s top medical design practitioners. This all takes place at The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital Simulation Center in Boston, MA on October 9-11, 2019. Join us to see what’s NEXT



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