Doug Patton


Doug Patton
CEO, Patton Design

Doug Patton is a consummate inventor whose work has spanned over four decades. His efforts have generated products in over 20 markets ranging from biomedical equipment to fragrances. He has garnered over 200 patents and design awards, and hasinnovated for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and Bausch & Lomb. His company Patton Design currently serves as the genesis of many products sold worldwide.

Doug is particularly proud of his time innovating solutions for the United States Patent Trademark Office. He also fondly remembers being the featured inventor in the ABC "American Inventor" series, in which he won the million-dollar prize through America’s vote. Though these efforts, Doug has created revolutionary innovation. 

Patton Design has innovated over 100 medical products in the past 40 decades. Our scope spans surgical, diagnostic and emergency products in fields including ophthalmic, cardio-pulmonary, dental, endoscopic and more. Our GUI-software disciplines, user experience, engineering, design and manufacturing bring concepts to successful companies. Our start-ups, Ophthalmic Synergies and MODO Medical, are poised to improve patient and surgeon efficacy. The latest and most important innovation is Patton's new book, “Conquering the Chaos of Creativity.”


Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Miracles of Medical Innovation: Harness Your Creativity

The goal for medical innovation is extremely interdisciplinary. First it requires expert knowledge of the standard tools of product design, such as mechanical, electrical, GUI, software, human factors, branding and styling. Second, I am typically working with an inventor surgeon who is an expert at a new revolutionary concept that must be completely understood both physiologically and scientifically. Third, understanding how to create the most appropriate invention to fit the business model, patent white space and the greatest efficacy between the patient, surgeon and nurse is a primary focus. My presentation will cover an overview of these important areas but also focus on the creative problem-solving processes it takes to blend these disciplines into great innovation success.