Christian Engene

Christian Engene
Sustainability Lead, Above

Christian Engene is the Sustainability Lead at the Swedish innovation agency Above, driving positive change through design and technology. Christian has a background in tech and product design, working as an innovation and design strategist. In 2017, he left the design agency to pursue sustainable development goals in a startup. Shortly after, returning to Above, he realized the positive impact a global design agency has for reaching global goals. Since then he has addressed sustainability through design and supported diverse clientele to design for positive change.



Sustainability Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Design that Addresses Global Challenges

I will be sharing our way of approaching global challenges and how to take action on high-level goals and corporate sustainability targets to overcome “talking and not doing.” This is by no means a silver bullet but a concrete and tangible process to implement sustainability in service and product design. We call this process designing sustainable products. It is based on methodologies and tools we all know as designers. The difference is in what questions we ask, the mindset we infuse, and how we integrate sustainable design in everything we do.