Charles Marzette


Charles Marzette
Principal Designer, Strive Tech
IDEA Jury Member 2022-23

The excitement of evaluating the first prototype, and the refinement push to production is for Charles, pure magic!

Charles Marzette, Jr is the Principal Designer at Strive Tech where he owns ID and UI for Strive Tech’s wearable sensor technology and performance analysis app. Bringing a sharp focus to discovering problems to be solved, and delivering intuitive solutions with handsome execution, Charles has developed products in spaces as diverse as automotive and consumer (Faurecia, and Strive Tech), to premium Industrial tools (Fluke Corp).

Charles earned a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Industrial Design (Transportation), and has further sharpened his user centered design sensibilities and corporate business acumen by way of studies at the University of Washington (Human Centered Design and Engineering), and Harvard Business School Online (CORe) respectively. In addition to delivering value at scale through product design, Charles also enjoys making, modifying and tinkering at home, in the garage, and on the racetrack.