Transportation Design

Intense Design: Product Design Lessons from Cold War Era Skunk Works


You have a wonderful idea and want to make it real. What are the first steps? Many forces act on you to slow you down, but your imagination, creativity, and passion need to overcome these constraints. Intense Design (CreateSpace, 2020) presents a time in history when great ideas became great products, such as the SR-71 Blackbird. How did an organization shrug off all the problems associated with Mach 3 travel?

Streamlined: Classic Cars of the 20th Century

In 2009, the Prototyp car museum in Hamburg, Germany, organized a special two-month exhibit where 25 classic, streamlined automobiles had an unprecedented "aerodynamic rendezvous." The exhibition included such automotive gems as the 1940 BMW Mille Miglia Touring Coupe, the 1977 Mercedes-Benz C111/III, Porsche's 356 Pre-A coupe of 1950, Petermax Müller's 1938 World Record Volkswagen, Das Auto magazine founder Paul Pietsch's 1952 Avus Coupe, and the Kamm K3 from 1938.

Driving Style: GM Design's First Century

Very high quality. The book strikes the right mixture of fantastic photography, classic designs and interesting concepts. GM's history is so deep and involved that one book could never fully capture all there is to cover. However, Driving Style gives you a real sense of each design era and how the company and industry changed over the last century. You needn't be a car buff to thoroughly enjoy this book. This book will make you a much bigger fan of GM and the business of car design. The pictures are first rate and it is an attractive, sturdy book.

H-Point: The Fundamentals of Car Design & Packaging

The ultimate reference guide for car designers and automotive engineers! H-Point was written by the pioneer of the Vehicle Architecture course at Art Center College of Design, Stuart Macey along with the Director of Advanced Mobility Research, Geoff Wardle.

How to Design Cars Like a Pro

This comprehensive new edition of How to Design Cars Like a Pro provides an in-depth look at modern automotive design. Interviews with leading automobile designers from Ford, BMW, GM Jaguar, Nissan and others, analyses of past and present trends, studies of individual models and concepts, and much more combine to reveal the fascinating mix of art and science that goes into creating automobiles. This book is a must-have for professional designers, as well as for automotive enthusiasts.


How to Draw Choppers Like a Pro

Roaring into mainstream consciousness with their rakish style and V-twin power, choppers have captured the public’s fascination. Now, best-selling Motorbooks author and award-winning car designer Thom Taylor shows enthusiasts of all artistic levels how to draw these rolling heavy-metal sculptures, whether for fun or as concepts for their own dream bikes. After a brief history of the chopper, Thom covers the selection of tools and equipment before explaining fundamentals like perspective, proportion, reflections, and shadows.

Masters of Car Design (Genius)

Close to 400 photographs in this handsome volume capture the excitement of automotive history, spotlighting the most innovative and important car design and their manufacturers, include many famous American models. Illustrations and words combine to re-create the adventures of designing the legendary cars that evolved into today’s indispensable, stylish, and efficient automobile.

The Architect's Apprentice: The Story of the Design and Construction of a Wooden Sailboat

After his classic cutter became unfit for ocean sailing, the author decided to follow his dream and have a new custom-designed sailboat built out of wood. The experiences that follow make a story as interesting as any sailing yarn. With clarity, warmth, and humor he shows the beauty of a naval architect's drawings, and then the glue and sawdust as those plans generate the structure of a boat.


Building for Air Travel: Architecture and Design for Commercial Aviation

This is a survey which examines the development of architecture and design for air travel from 1909. The book documents developments in airport architecture, aircraft construction, and interior design, right through to airline corporate identity. Among the historical material included are interior views of the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, the Blohm and Voss flying boat, the Martin Aircraft Company assembly factory in Baltimore in 1937, and the first terminal building at Le Bourget Airport, Paris and La Guardia, New York.

Boats With an Open Mind: 75 Unconventional Designs and Concepts

Here are 75 novel and wonderful boats—some strange, some beautiful, all of them paragons of Philip Bolger's form-follows-function design philosophy. A planing microtrawler; a glass-galleried, beachable birdwatching boat; a fully enclosed ocean-cruising rowboat; cruising sailboats that take the ground at low tide; power, sail, and rowing boats from 6 to 95 feet—these are boats as only Bolger's unfettered imagination does them. This is the first collection of Bolger's work in almost 15 years. It is long overdue.