Student Designs

Motorless Vacuum

The Motorless Vacuum is a vacuum cleaner intended for use during drilling. It quickly sucks up debris and enables users to punch safely and cleanly without wearing a mask and protective glasses. In addition, it solves the inconvenient problem of having to remove debris after work. It operates without power and is a lightweight, inexpensive and economical.

Designed by Seokhui Kim and Inhwan Kim of Hong-Ik University

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Safe Agua Colombia: Calientamigos

The Safe Agua Colombia: Calientamigos water heating system is comprised of three modular components: a portable electric water heater that safely heats 5 gallons of water to 110 degrees in 15 minutes, a simple foot pump and a multipurpose faucet head. Calientamigos works with any household container, and it is more affordable and accessible than installing a gravity-fed water system.

Designed by Kevin Chang, Tianyi Sun, Della Tosin, Shingo Mamiya and Kristina Jesena of Designmatters at Art Center College of Design for Un Techo, Socialab, Compartamos con Colombia

Contact: Mariana Amatullo -


Like Stars on Earth

Like stars on earth is a magnetic LED lamp that’s perfect for camping and outdoor activities. The magnet is strong and easy to attach to a variety of surfaces including the outside of a tent. The outer shell of the lamp is designed to enhance the glow of the LED light, making it easy for users to find their way.

Designed by Yu Yunjo and Kim Seunghyun of Sangmyong University

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Trompe : A companion elephant that helps premature baby breathe. is an easy-to-apply respiratory support device for premature infants whose lungs have not fully developed. It works by providing mild air pressure to keep the airways open and prevent them from collapsing or becoming blocked. It is designed to ensure the comfort of the baby by eliminating the need to put pressure on the infant’s face.

 Designed by Maxime Dubreucq and Robert Provó Kluit of Umeå Institute of Design

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Oblikk hard hat suspension system


The Oblikk hard hat suspension was designed to protect the wearer from rotational and lateral impact with progressive dampening and added comfort. With a simple twist of the knob on the back of the helmet, the wearer can resize for comfort. The Oblikk is applicable in fire safety, law enforcement, medical, sport and construction.

One Degree High Performance Dinghy Shoe

The One Degree High Performance Dinghy Shoe was designed to protect athletes in high-performance sailing fleets against the sport’s strain on the feet. The shoe aims at being more durable, more flexible, lighter and equipped to drain water without sacrificing protection or body warmth. Current footwear used by sailing athletes fulfills only a limited number of needs. One Degree’s design targets a hybrid solution, taking the benefits from a variety of different styles of footwear to address a greater number of sport-specific expectations.

 Sailors are often left borrowing performance products, and in particular footwear, from parallel industries. The One Degree shoe targets the needs of the sport itself at a competitive price. The shoe is more durable than the competition and was directly designed with the demands of the sailing athlete in mind. Users do not have to compromise on comfort and protection for flexibility. 

 One Degree represents the launch of a brand effort that provides high-performance products to sailing athletes. The brand aims to grow from footwear into apparel and digital training in an effort to champion the sport at a global scale and lower the entry barrier to up-and-coming athletes. The biggest challenge with the development of One Degree was creating the business case for launching a brand from the ground up. With the industry of high-performance sailing being relatively small in comparison to parallel industries such as surfing, the space for a profitable innovative product remained small. It was essential, however, to launch an effort that stood free of existing brands on the market. 

Current sailing athletes are rather isolated geographically, thus assisting greatly in the sport’s segmentation, allowing for only the more traditional and mainstream sailing look to be applicable to audiences outside of the sport. This has pushed nautical apparel brands to develop very little technology, while making most profits off of sailing lifestyle apparel. Subsidizing the costs of manufacturing while still promising a durable, reliable and performance-driven product was the foremost challenge. Working on site with Hong Kong manufacturers ensured that the design would be competitive. 

The shoe is easy to manufacture, easy to assemble and easy to disassemble. A common problem is the fast deterioration of neoprene often forcing users to purchase an entirely new shoe: In this case, the neoprene lining is replaceable, allowing for a longer-lasting product with easily interchangeable parts. The aesthetics of the shoe are also trend-defining and are designed to appeal to a younger and more extreme audience.


GiraDora: Safe Agua - Washer and Spin Dryer

GiraDora, a human-powered washer and spin dryer, increases the efficiency and improves the experience of hand-washing clothes for people living without access to running water. The user sits on the drum-like appliance and pumps the pedal with the foot, which agitates, cleans, rinses and then spin dries clothes. Local assembly and an innovative business plan with three revenue streams for micro-entrepreneurs provide supplemental income. For under $40, GiraDora’s comfortable and ergonomic operation more than doubles productivity, increases health, instills dignity and affords opportunities to begin breaking the poverty cycle.


Balde a Balde: Safe Agua

Balde a Balde (Spanish for “Bucket to Bucket”) is a portable faucet that delivers water from any container. It makes the convenience and health benefits of running water available to the 46 percent of the global population living without it.

A universal clip attaches the Balde a Balde unit to any existing container. A squeeze of the siphon pump initiates a continuous flow of water. Tapping the spout instantly turns on and off the water, and twisting the valve regulates the volume of water. Balde a Balde maximizes the benefits of clean water to improve health, makes washing hands easy and accessible, and allows users to control exactly where and how much water is used. Most of all, it delivers the experience and dignity of using a tap.


Traverse Ski Patrol Rescue Toboggan


The Traverse Rescue Toboggan provides a modern security-oriented tool that meets patroller needs while enhancing the guest’s safety and rescue experience. A ski patroller’s job requires correctly assessing an injured guest’s condition; providing first aid to stabilize the guest’s condition; and moving the guest quickly, securely and as comfortably as possible to the resort’s emergency-aid center. The Traverse Ski Patrol Rescue Toboggan addresses these needs in detail.

ALLAYANT A shirt with built-in back support for paramedics


ALLAYANT is a paramedic uniform with a built-in adjustable artificial spine (spring) for back support. As the EMT bends over to lift, the back brace automatically adjusts, assisting the EMT in tightening the lower back muscles. With this built in back brace, EMTs can safely lift and transport patients and other heavy loads.