Student Designs


BIO-CLEANER prevents the deterioration of the ocean environment from oil spills. The system consists of a bacteria tank that breaks down pollutants in the water, a biosensor that detects and tracks the pollutants to help prevent them from spreading, and an acoustic wave device that expels animals from the pollutants to protect them from harm.

Designed by Hsiang-Han Hsu of Fortune Institute of Technology and Yih-Wenn Luo of National Cheng Kung University      

Contact: Hsiang-Han Hsu -



MOSTRAP is a mosquito trap for the home. It uses a mixture of yeast and sugar to produce carbon dioxide. The mosquitoes enter the device in search of the source of the carbon dioxide. Once inside, they are trapped in an inner chamber, and an electric mesh on the wall of the chamber electrocutes the mosquitoes once they land on it.

Designed by Vishakan Shivasubramaniam of DSK ISD International School of Design

Contact: Guillaume Penanguer -


Pumping Screw Blender

The Pumping Screw Blender features a screw mechanism that enables the user to blend easily without using electricity. With its unique pumping mechanism, it can be used anytime, anywhere. It is light and portable and also doubles as a to-go tumbler.

Designed by Bong Gyeom Kim of Cheongju University

Contact: Bong Gyeon Kim -


XEOS 3D - Desktop 3D-printing reinvented

The XEOS 3D - Desktop 3D-printing reinvented was designed for users, consultancies, design departments and even the home office, who need to verify form geometries quickly and easily. It features a robotic printing arm that makes its small desktop form factor possible while speeding up the printing process. Other useful features include wireless operation with Wi-Fi, an integrated fisheye camera and intuitive controls.

Designed by Stefan Reichert of University of Wuppertal

Contact: Stefan Reichert -



The Multi-ladder is part ladder, part cart and part stretcher. It was designed for use in emergency situations like natural disasters, including tsunamis, earthquakes and floods. It features straps that enable safe transport of emergency patients on the stretcher, but can also be unfolded as a cart to carry patients.

Designed by Moon Jung Jang and Bo reum Seo of Kookmin University

Contact: Moon Jung Jang -


Motorless Vacuum

The Motorless Vacuum is a vacuum cleaner intended for use during drilling. It quickly sucks up debris and enables users to punch safely and cleanly without wearing a mask and protective glasses. In addition, it solves the inconvenient problem of having to remove debris after work. It operates without power and is a lightweight, inexpensive and economical.

Designed by Seokhui Kim and Inhwan Kim of Hong-Ik University

Contact: Seokhui Kim -


Safe Agua Colombia: Calientamigos

The Safe Agua Colombia: Calientamigos water heating system is comprised of three modular components: a portable electric water heater that safely heats 5 gallons of water to 110 degrees in 15 minutes, a simple foot pump and a multipurpose faucet head. Calientamigos works with any household container, and it is more affordable and accessible than installing a gravity-fed water system.

Designed by Kevin Chang, Tianyi Sun, Della Tosin, Shingo Mamiya and Kristina Jesena of Designmatters at Art Center College of Design for Un Techo, Socialab, Compartamos con Colombia

Contact: Mariana Amatullo -


Like Stars on Earth

Like stars on earth is a magnetic LED lamp that’s perfect for camping and outdoor activities. The magnet is strong and easy to attach to a variety of surfaces including the outside of a tent. The outer shell of the lamp is designed to enhance the glow of the LED light, making it easy for users to find their way.

Designed by Yu Yunjo and Kim Seunghyun of Sangmyong University

Contact: Yunjo Yu -



Trompe : A companion elephant that helps premature baby breathe. is an easy-to-apply respiratory support device for premature infants whose lungs have not fully developed. It works by providing mild air pressure to keep the airways open and prevent them from collapsing or becoming blocked. It is designed to ensure the comfort of the baby by eliminating the need to put pressure on the infant’s face.

 Designed by Maxime Dubreucq and Robert Provó Kluit of Umeå Institute of Design

Contact: Maxime Dubreucq -


Oblikk hard hat suspension system


The Oblikk hard hat suspension was designed to protect the wearer from rotational and lateral impact with progressive dampening and added comfort. With a simple twist of the knob on the back of the helmet, the wearer can resize for comfort. The Oblikk is applicable in fire safety, law enforcement, medical, sport and construction.