Portable infusion bag


The Portable infusion bag was designed for use during emergencies and disaster relief efforts, both indoors and outdoors. First aid often involves a quick response and confined spaces. Traditional outdoor infusion methods are inefficient, are cumbersome to operate, and require a lot of manpower. In comparison, the Portable infusion bag is more suitable for complex emergencies. It improves efficiency, is wearable and easy to carry, and has smart controls, reducing the burden on medical staff. The bag is made with a sterile, environmentally friendly composite TPE, and the smart valve can be recycled and reused to reduce medical waste.

Designed by: Hao Ninghui, Wei Haidong, S/IDSA, Wang Haojie, Long Xianghua, and Shi Zhuoyan of Central Academy of Fine Arts,  Kuang Shuoshuo and Li BoYang of Shenzhen Gewu Innovation Design Co., Ltd.

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