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An ultrasound machine by its nature is a complicated device, but Siemens' design has solved usability, mass and control reachability problems. The SONOLINE Antares is a medical ultrasound system used by sonographers and doctors. The Antares is half the size and half the cost as its predecessor with the same functionality.

"Every aspect of the SONOLINE Antares gives the impression that it was well-thought-out and carefully designed." - Stephen B. Wilcox, Ph.D., FIDSA

Contact: Dean J. Bidwell, IDSA,
designafairs USA,

Credit: designafairs USA

Intravenous Site Protector Dressing

Client: I.V. House, Inc.

A product that should have been designed long ago, I.V. House's innovative product brings a feasible and cost effective alternative to simply taping catheters to a patient's body to hold them in place. The Intravenous Site Protector Dressing helps prevent patients from picking at or pulling out their catheters. The design integrates a dressing wrap that offers comfort to the patient, and eliminates the used of tape over the traditional dressing.

"The IV House is a very elegant solution to a very old problem. It's one of those designs that make you wonder why nobody seems to have thought of it before."- Stephen B. Wilcox, Ph.D., FIDSA

Contact: Kent Ritzel, IDSA,
Metaphase Design Group, Inc.,
(314)721-0700 x 147;

Credit: Metaphase Design Group, Inc.

Meso Scale Discovery Sector HTS Reader

Client: Meso Scale Discovery

The product provides life science and pharmaceutical researchers with a high-performance, reliable and high-speed plate reader. It integrates all the optics, robotics and positioning equipment into a design statement that communicates a sense of high quality and precision. The product focuses visual attention on the user interface areas such as the plate stackers and the optical path tower, making a statement of accuracy, control and the progressive application of technology. Operating procedure involves placing a series of plates loaded with samples on the plate stacker and allows the computer controlled operation to scan each as it travels from the input stacker into the detection housing and deposits it into the output stacker after reading results.

Contact: Ravi K. Sawhney, IDSA,
RKS Design,

Credit: RKS Design Team

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Discus Dental Zoom Lamp Whitening System

Client: Discus Dental

The tooth whitening system uses a reactive gel with a special lamp to increase teeth whiteness by eight shades in a one-hour sitting at the dentist. The housing eliminates light exposure outside the mouth and is vented to dissipate heat hitting the teeth. Special stand-off, lip-retractor system and the maneuverability of the system allows clinicians a fast, reliable set-up and procedure. Product provides in-office solution for 30% of the cost of alternative patient therapies.

Contact: Ravi K. Sawhney, IDSA,
RKS Design,

Credit: RKS Design Team

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BodyGem® Metabolic Measurement Device

Client: HealtheTech

The BodyGem® is a lightweight, portable, handheld device that quickly and easily measures a body's oxygen consumption and reports the resting metabolism rate. Mouthpiece or mask provides user with comfortable and familiar inhale and exhale area. A simple button activates measurement that is displayed on an LCD screen. The innovative use of this technology takes this test out of the laboratory and into the physician and clinician offices or fitness and weight management centers.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO and HealtheTech

EMPOWER CT Injector System

Client: E-Z-EM, Inc.

The Empower CT Injector System is an advanced injection system used for the vascular (IV) administration of contrast media, in conjunction with diagnostic CT ("CAT") scanning. The display and controls are integrated into a separate swivel mounted pod, unlike all other injector systems, which means that no matter how the injector head is positioned, the display and controls are always readily visible and close at hand. Injector head is free of controls and can be pivoted 180 degrees. Because of the large illuminated indicator, the clinician is able to view it regardless of orientation of the injector head. The unit is smaller and its appearance is less intimidating. Cuts down diagnosis time because the technician is not running in and out of the room.

Contact: Steven Bellofatto, IDSA,
ION Design,
201.313.5553 x22

Credit: ION Design and E-Z-EM, Inc.


Client: GI Supply

This product integrates the many small parts of a helicobactor test into one simple, inexpensive, ergonomic product. Integrated testing chamber with cap includes auditory and tactile 'snap' to confirm closure and seal properly. The pick feature removes tissue from biopsy forceps. Color coding of symbols on the label to match colors produced by specimen. Space to input patient's name/information; slim part allows for storage and packaging; and test results use to take 24 hours, now take about an hour.

Contact: Monty Montague, IDSA,

Credit: BOLT and GI Supply

iLook Personal Imaging Tool

The iLook replaces the large ultrasound equipment for an initial exam, as the handheld product uses imaging ultrasound to give a first-look in settings such as hospital bedsides, clinics, radiology, etc. Simple UI allows clinicians to focus on patient care rather than the ultrasound system, giving another diagnosis tool to primary care giver. Rather than waiting for an ultrasound room to become available, clinician can get quick first-look reading and if the physician thinks more testing is involved, the patient can them move on to other tests.

Contact: Bryan Skaar Cabatic, IDSA,
SonoSite Inc.,

Credit: SonoSite Inc.

KabaclipTM Contact Lens Case

The contact case unit can clip and unclip onto almost any size standard lens cleaning solution bottle making home and travel use easy. The unit's different colored caps for each eye are easy to see, especially after lens removal, so contact wearers don't confuse left and right. Good design thought to solve multiple problems.

Contact: Karlheinz Schempp, IDSA,
Kabalab LLC,

Credit: Kabalab LLC

SureGripTM Accessories

These accessories are used to connect measurement wires from a measurement device to a source (wiring, bettery connectors, components on a circuit board etc.). The accessories fit the fingers using soft overmolded. With this addition, the company established a trademarked product and saved 25 percent of development by using in-house personnel and design features that took advantage of existing manufacturing processes. Custom-design teeth for each accessory. Design reflects easy-to-hold shapes, grippy surfaces, positive grabbing force and teeth that securely grab and hold on screw heads. Distinct look to create a solution for a distinct niche group.

Contact: George McCain, IDSA,
Fluke Corp.,

Credit: Fluke Corp.