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The SenoCase portable digital mammography system makes it easier and more convenient for women to be screened. SenoCase is easily transported by a clinician; it can even be placed in the trunk of a car. To install the system on site, the operator opens the suitcase, unfurls the device and plugs in the X-ray tube and the breast support. The data are sent to a remote reading center for post-examination review.

Credits: GE Healthcare, Aurelie Boudier and GE Healthcare, Regis Personnelli
Contact: Aurelie Boudier:


ClearCut™ S Safety Series Incisional Instruments

The new ClearCut™ S Safety Series safety scalpel is a disposable surgical incisional instrument used during cataract surgery. The retractable blade guard protects doctors and nurses from accidental sharp injuries, minimizing the spread of infectious disease. Intuitive single-handed activation enables protection with minimal change to the typical workflow.

Credits: Bresslergroup, David Schiff, Mathieu Turpault, Seth GaleWyrick, Alcon Inc. Randy Berardi, Metaphase Design Group Inc., Marc Hunter, Jayne Lynch and Jonathan Sundy
Corporate Sponsor: Alcon Inc.
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A-dec LED Dental Light

The A-dec LED DentalLlight utilizes LED technology to create a high-efficiency light for dental practitioners. It offers three brightness modes and a yellow cure-safe mode for use when applying light-sensitive composite fillings. Many advances were enabled by the LED light engine, such as nearly frictionless positioning, simpler cleaning and disinfection, and more precise light-level control.

Credits: A-dec, Jason Alvarez and IDSA
Contact: Jason Alvarez:


pennypad™ electro pain relief pad

Blending the concept of a pain-relief patch and an electric stimulator, the pennypad™ offers a natural method of relieving pain by cutting off the pain gate and helping induce endorphins. All components are integrated in a small core device, and built-in target-oriented programs provide different types of relief for such conditions as  general pain, menstrual pain, neck and shoulder pain, and low-back pain.

Credits: Designer: Mr. David Tuan and Design Team: HIVOX BIOTEK INC.
Contact: Vincent Tuan:


A5 Anesthesia System

The A5 Anesthesia System provides universal ventilation capabilities and anesthesia delivery to operating rooms of all acuity levels. The design is the result of a concerted effort to improve the user experience at every level of interaction and to allow clinicians to spend less time focusing on their equipment and more time focusing on their patients.

Credit: Mindray Design Team
Contact: Peter Schon:


Hamilton T1 Ventilator

 The Hamilton T1 Ventilator features a compact, powerful design that increases the availability of appropriate modes of therapy. It incorporates many features that facilitate use whether at an accident scene, in surgery or in the intensive care unit. It also eliminates the need for separate transport and intensive-care ventilators, providing a cost-effective all-in-one ventilator appropriate for patients of all ages.

Credits: RKS Design Team and Hamilton Medical Design Team
Corporate Sponsor: Hamilton Medical
Contact: John Kiehle:


Spot Vision Screening

Spot is a fast portable easy-to-use vision-screening system designed to detect several ophthalmological issues in children from near-sightedness to eye misalignment. The typical user is a volunteer vision screener who is part of a school or community vision-screening event. The Wi-Fi-enabled handheld device makes vision screening as easy as using a camera; the touch-screen interface clearly displays results accurately and instantly.

Credits: Bresslergroup, Rob Tannen, Mathieu Turpault, Andrew Weiman, Chris Evans (no longer with Bresslergroup), Tom Nemeth (edesignware), Visual Optic Research and Nuvation Research Corporation
Corporate Sponsor: Pediavision
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The RAYSCAN a is a piece of dental diagnostic equipment that provides high-quality X-ray and CT images for accurate surgical planning and treatment. It offers universal design through an ergonomic approach and a user-friendly design by an emotional approach. Thanks to its compact design, efficient space utilization is possible for users with limited space. It also provides RF wireless remote control.

Credits: Nobledesign, Young sam Kim, Ikbum Pyun and Sang guen Kwon
Contact: Shannon Lee:



The LABGEO A20A is a compact, intuitive and elegantly designed blood analyzer. It is a flexible design solution for a wide range of medical environments, including hospitals and urgent-care centers. Considering the space issues many medical centers have, the A20A features a stacked internal structure that reduces the total size of the product and enables users to work without getting in the way of other equipment.

The LABGEO A20A works by starting with the reagent disc. When blood is injected into the reagent disc and inserted into the analyzer, the disc starts to rotate and the blood inside the disc becomes responsive to the reagent. After inserting a disc, the touch-screen LCD becomes operational. Users can set up a test environment or check test results, which are also printable by wireless data transmission.

The pristine white outer surface of the LABGEO A20A is treated with gloss, semigloss and pattern designs. The round edges and smooth overall look of the form factor deviates from a monotonous design and looks somewhat like a futuristic mailbox.

The A20A features an adjustable touch-screen LCD that users can tilt to best suit their needs. The printer is located at the back of the LCD to achieve a compact footprint. The blood results are easily verified through the screen and from the printouts.

But there were a few design challenges to the LABGEO A20. The first challenge had to do with the characteristics of this type of equipment, namely the expensive nature of long-lasting medical equipment. Rather than making a product with bending steel plates and paint, the A20A is made with injection plastic to prevent corrosion and paint striping.

The second design challenge was an issue of balance. Using an existing product's internal frame, the challenge was to make a form factor that achieves a perfect balance for both the left and right side in consideration of its high-speed rotation during operation.

Lastly, the third challenge was to make a solid and multifeatured and functional product that is immune to changing trends.


Designed by Junghoon Kim, Sangmin Hyun, Kio Lee and Kyungsoo Sun of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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Vacc-Stamp is stamp-style vaccine syringe for babies. Since it does not look like a traditional syringe, it eases some of the stress of receiving a shot—for both the baby and the mother. The micro needle also reduces the baby’s pain when the shot is administered and prevents secondary infection. It features a window that displays an image after the injection takes place that can ease a mother’s concern about whether the doctor used the appropriate dose.

When a vaccine is being administered, babies start crying before the needle is even inserted, leaving babies’ mothers in distress too. There are also media reports that doctors in areas where medical support is lacking sometimes don’t inject the full dose so the vaccine can be administered to more children. Also, syringes that are improperly disposed of present a health hazard to humans and animals. Reports have shown that used syringes that have been dumped into the ocean sometimes find their way into marine animals.

Vacc-Stamp seeks to eliminate these shortcomings of traditional vaccine administration. It is a self-contained one-time-use-only device that simplifies the vaccination process by combining all the steps into one unit. The smooth plastic shell contains a single vaccination dose, micro needle, disinfectant stamp and soft patch-like surface where the device comes in contact with the skin. The softness of the patch feels soothing to a baby, starting the procedure without any distress. The stamp dispensed on the baby’s skin prior to the injection disinfects the skin and afterward prevents secondary infection of the vaccination site. To dispense the vaccine, the doctor simply presses the buttons on either side of Vacc-Stamp. It uses a micro needle, which is less painful than a traditional syringe, reducing or even eliminating pain and discomfort.

Since Vacc-Stamp contains a single preloaded dose, mothers need not worry if doctors have dispensed the proper amount. Once the dosage has been administered, a symbol appears on the top of the plastic case, giving mothers added assurance. The device is also preprinted with the name of the vaccination, so mothers can see what vaccine their child is receiving. Since Vacc-Stamp is designed for a single use, mothers can keep the used device, once medical staff remove the needle, as a record of the vaccination.

Vacc-Stamp’s unique approach eliminates babies’ trauma when receiving a vaccination while removing mothers’ worries and helping them keep track of their children’s vaccination history. The device also helps build people’s trust in doctors and helps keep disposable syringes out of the environment.


Designed by Han Dho-jin,  Han Chan-Hee,  Kwon Yoon-Joo and Yoon Se-jin of Samsung Design Membership

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