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Inogen One G2

The Inogen One G2 provides convenient oxygen therapy by replacing large stationary concentrators and impractical oxygen tank deliveries with a single-solution portable oxygen concentrator that is lighter and more efficient than the competition. It transforms ambient air into medical grade oxygen, delivering the oxygen to the patient through a cannula.

Credits: Brenton Taylor, John Stump, Patrick Burgess, Dr. Pete Hansen, Eric Dahlke, Mike Pollack, Greg Muscolino of Inogen Inc.

Contact: John Stump:

Compass system

Compass is a modular system of interchangeable components that can be used to create applications for patient rooms, caregiver work areas and other clinical spaces. Different configurations provide storage for patient belongings, space for families to work and visit, and work surfaces and supply storage for caregivers. Designed to accommodate change, the components are easily assembled, removed, rearranged and refreshed.

Credits: Continuum design team with Herman Miller, Inc.

Contact: Mollie Everett:

OPTILINE™ Drench Gun

OPTILINE is an oral drench gun developed specifically for administering Novartis Animal Healths ZOLVIX ® (monepantel), a sheep drench for the treatment of parasitic worms. This new design makes drenching easier, more efficient and safer for both the operator and the animal being treated. Farmers can now drench more animals per hour with less operator stress and fatigue.

Credits: Simcro Design Team (New Zealand) and (Australia) for Novartis Animal Health Inc. (Switzerland)

Contact: Caroline Davis:

Alair Bronchial thermoplasty system for the treatment of Asthma

The Alair Bronchial thermoplasty system is a nondrug treatment for asthma. The treatment is delivered without incisions by passing the catheter through a flexible bronchoscope. It works by applying radio frequency energy to the wall of the airways in the lungs. This energy reduces the amount of smooth muscle in this wall, which in turn reduces the wall’s ability to constrict during an asthma attack.

Credits: Matt Presta, Bill Evans, IDSA and Steve Hoyt of Bridge Design and Noah Webster, Karen Passafaro, Bill Wizeman, Narinder Shargill and Tim Dalbec of Asthmatx

Contact: Bill Evans:

Personal eMonitors, A Cardiac Monitor Platform Concept

Personal eMonitors is an interconnected system concept for monitoring cardiac patients. It constantly tracks the patient’s status to detect problems early and keeps patients in continuous contact with a health-care service that can provide aid if needed. Initially design for cardiology, eMonitors is an open real-time wireless platform that can adapt and scale to cover other therapeutic applications.

Credits: frog

Contact: Sara Munday:

WS1204 Wheel Chair Scale

The WS 1204 Wheel Chair Scale provides a lightweight, portable and wireless alternative to weighing wheelchair-bound patients. To weigh a patient, a health-care provider simply places a small weighing pad in front of each wheel and rolls the wheelchair onto the four pads. The pads send data wirelessly to the remote display, which combines the measurements from each pad, subtracts the weight of the wheelchair and displays the resulting patient weight.

Credits: Doug Domel, Jim Dow and Amy Battles of Innovision Devices LLC; Jim Girard of Origin Design and Phil Smith of Device Engineering & Product Design

Contact: Dave Lyznick:

Extremity MRi concept

Why do we still put an entire body into a magnetic field to scan an arm or a leg when the magnets in magnetic resonance systems are becoming smaller? That was the spark behind the Extremity concept. The fully adjustable chair moves to meet the magnet, so only the area that needs scanning will be scanned. Plus, the unexpected reference to furniture with use of ash wood and light strips help put patients at ease.

Credits: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare (France)

Contact: Lionel Wodecki:

Nino concept for pediatric MR imaging

Give a child a playground and what happens? Laughter, play and curiosity. That’s the goal of the Nino concept, with its ladders to climb up, slides to swoosh down and soft thermoformed plastic to cushion. This pediatric magnetic resonance system offers an environment that is not about the medicine but about the patient.

Credits: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare (France)

Contact: Lionel Wodecki:

Discovery MR 750w

With the Discovery MR750w magnetic resonance machine, light, form, color, materials and texture reframe the experience, transforming what is typically a clinical feel to that of a home library and fireside. Mass is carved away at the top and sides to minimize the sense of bulk, the glowing LED strips and the dark elegance of wenge wood accented by aluminum panels present a familiar, tranquil effect.

Credits: Lionel Wodecki of GE Healthcare (France)

Contact: Lionel Wodecki:

V2 Renal Denervation System™

Used in hospital cath labs, the V2 Renal Denervation System™ deactivates nerves at the base of the kidney, treating one of the key physiological roots of hypertension with a precise, temperature-controlled pulse of radiofrequency energy through a proprietary catheter. It guides operators through setup and treatment with simple visual prompts on its full-color screen; when activated, it delivers RF energy in just 30 seconds per artery.

Credits: Karten Design, Stuart Karten, Eric Olson, Dennis Schroeder, Eric Schmid, Cynthia Kossayan, Erin Williams and Chris Clark
Corporate Sponsor: Vessix Vascular
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