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SILS™ Port

The SILS™ Port is an advanced surgical product designed to perform laparoscopic surgery through a single incision.  It is designed to give surgeons the ability to use multiple instruments with maximal maneuverability through a single incision in the patient's umbilicus (belly button).  When used in this way, the SILS™ Port leaves a hidden scar and may minimize post-operative pain, which may be associated with multiple skin incisions used in traditional laparoscopy.

"Beneficial for both patient and surgeon, a very simple design solution to a complex problem, through the research and application of the appropriate material and minimal design language."  --Sandrine Lebas, LUNAR

Contact:Timothy Wells:

Credit: Paul Richard, Gene Stellon, Caren Necio, Elias Hartoumbekis, Tina Piselli, Patrick Helfrich, Joe Canavan, Rob Zott, Brian Marganski, Paul Kallart, Shane Behrle, Yee Chow, Tom Hughes, Donna Bircree and Danny Berry of Covidien








Patients in hospital beds are often in need of nuclear medicine imaging, but that process requires disturbing the patient with transfers from the bed to the gurney to the imaging table and back again. The G-Cube mobile concept brings the imaging device to the patient, instead of the other way around. Dedicated to cardiac applications, it is mainly used to measure heart activity during blood extraction. It can be positioned everywhere, especially under a hospital bed, which makes it possible to scan patients in the prone position, without transferring them to and from the bed.

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Credit: Regis Personnelli of GE Healthcare (France)

Cardinal Health Endura Scrubs

Endura Performance Apparel Scrubs were designed to keep active doctors and nurses comfortable and professional looking. Unique features include collars that don’t blouse open, a sleeve design that allows versatile movement, a waistline and inseam that adjusts to male and female bodies, pockets that prevent spillage, breathable mesh panels for circulation and adjustable leg lengths.

Credits: Dan Formosa, Whitney Hopkins, Jin Seo, and Eric Freitag of Smart Design and Carl E. Hall Jr. and Stephanie Carroll of Cardinal Health

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Discus Dental ™ Nuance ™

Discus Dental ™ Nuance ™

Nuance is a dental composite delivery system for performing tooth repairs that dispenses light-cured nanoresin. The delivery syringe elevates the user experience with advanced ergonomics, multichannel feedback and improved environmental appropriateness, all while providing precise and measured extrusion of composite material designed to reduce waste and save money.

Mindray V Series Patient Monitor

The Mindray V Series patient monitoring system is a scalable platform that focuses on the clarity and continuity of data at a single point of care. This solution is the result of research focused on identifying the unique challenges of high-acuity environments. The V Series was designed to function as an intuitive tool for doctors and nurses in the most chaotic health-care environments.

“The Mindray is going to be a real wake-up call for the big three monitor manufacturers (GE, Philips and Siemens). Although it is mostly an iteration of existing technology, the elegant industrial design, tenacious execution of every detail and very low cost results in a world-class solution that will command market share.”- Sean Hagen, IDSA, President, BlackHagen Design, Inc.

Credits: Continuum design team and Mindray

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Speed-Sheet is a disposable patient transfer and barrier sheet for use by emergency medical services, fire departments and emergency response units. It lies inert under a patient at all times (serving as a fluid barrier protection between the patient and the mattress) and transforms into a low-friction transfer aid when the patient is laterally transferred to another surface.

"Strikingly simple solution to a weighty problem, with immediate benefits for healthcare workers"- Duncan Trevor-Wilson, Global Design Manager for Emerging Markets, GE healthcare in Shanghai

Credits: Cliff Lambarth, Jeff Lewandowski, Marty Stryker, Jason Wroblewski, IDSA, Jason Kneen, Andrew Faulkner and Vas Subramanian of Stryker and Rick Sherman and Rahul Deshmukh of CTI Industries

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This vein viewing imager uses near-infrared light and other patented technologies to project a digital image of a patient’s vasculature directly onto the surface of the skin in real time. This provides clinicians with a non-invasive adjunct technology for various clinical treatments and procedures, including IV insertions, PICC line insertions and routine venipuncture.

Credits: Michael Paloian, IDSA of Integrated Design Systems, Inc. for Christie Medical Holdings (Canada)

Contact: Michael Paloian:

Hamilton XRP

The Hamilton XRP automates sample processing in diverse commercial laboratory environments. It features many options for modularity, component customization and scalability. The system permits ultra high-volume plate storage with instant accessibility in a compact footprint while protecting scientific validity and promoting clinician efficiency with an enclosed but highly visible housing.

Credits: RKS Design Team

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Zen Cordless Prophy

The Zen Cordless Prophy is a cordless piece of dental equipment designed as a prophylactic tool. Hygienists use it at the end of dental cleanings to polish teeth and to remove plaque and stains. Unlike corded devices, the Zen facilitates freedom of movement for the hygienist and reduces clutter around the patient during the procedure.

Credits: Stuart Karten, IDSA, Eric Olson, IDSA, Dennis Schroeder, Eric Schmid, Paul Kirley and Sumi Israchanpanich, IDSA of Stuart Karten Design for Discus Dental

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Daktari CD4 HIV Diagnostic Instrument

The Daktari CD4 is a portable HIV diagnostic system that is robust enough to be used anywhere, from a doctor’s office to the most remote settings. It brings the HIV blood test to parts of the world where millions of people now have access to life-saving drugs, yet cannot receive the best treatment due to inadequate diagnostics. Currently, patients in many remote locations must often wait weeks to receive their HIV test results. The Daktari CD4 provides those same results in just minutes.

Credits: Continuum Design Team with Daktari

Contact: Ed Milano: