The APMS-1020A is a combined air purifier and humidifier focused on ease of use and convenience. The unit is easily cleaned and blends harmoniously into its environment, adding comfort to people’s lives.

Designed by: Hyunjoo Song, Kim Mi Kyung, Lee Sul Ki and Kim Ga Hee of COWAY CO., LTD.

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Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner strikes a balance between powerful functionality and a compact size. It offers 100 airwatt suction and avoids suction decline with cyclone-separation technology.

Designed by: Industrial Design Team of Mi Ecosystem (Li Ningning, Dou Wenbo) of Xiaomi Inc.

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Lift Downdraft

Lift is a space-efficient downdraft, available in 30- and 36-inch widths, that rises to the occasion with the touch of a button. Its minimal profile discreetly hides behind the cooktop or range.

Designed by: Luke Siow of Zephyr in-house design team

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​IMOU TP2/Ranger2 camera

The IMOU camera is capable of capturing real-time images at home as well as distinguishing between humans and objects. Its tilt and pan features can view every corner of your home.

Designed by: Wenjuan Liu, Li Chen and Qua Zhang of HANGZHOU HUACHENG Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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Bottle Bath

Bottle Bath was designed with one goal in mind: to help make parenting life easier. Time with a newborn is precious, and it should be spent cultivating relationships, rather of fretting over baby bottles. Bottle Bath is a three-in-one device that washes, sterilizes, and dries baby bottles and related accessories with a single touch of a button. Parents no longer have to hand wash bottles, sterilize them, and let them air-dry in three separate processes. Bottle Bath does all three in a single process—in less than an hour. 

Designed by: STUCK Design, Orca Creation, and Bottle Bath

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milkpress by ModernMilk Co.

The milkpress by ModernMilk Co. is a filter and bottle system for making oat milk, almond milk, and other plant-based milks at home. It was designed to encourage regular daily use, eliminate cartons and plastic bottles from the waste stream, and start conversations about sustainability, all while maintaining aesthetic integrity. Making plant-based milk is traditionally a messy process requiring unsanitary hand contact with the liquid or other methods that produce gritty results. The milkpress solves these issues with ease of setup, ease of clean-up, filtering, compact storage, and pulp reuse. This plastic-free product enables a steady supply of delicious, smooth “milk” that tastes store-bought.

Designed by: Duncan Burns, Yuki Sugiyama and Jananda Hill of Type Inc. and HARIO for ModernMilk Co.

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BESPOKE refrigerator

The BESPOKE line of refrigerators was designed to suit the different lifestyles, preferences, and expectations of users. As the name implies, the colors and materials can be customized and various models can be installed in combination based on family size, dietary habits, life patterns, and kitchen layout. The lineup consists of seven models, from one-door models to four-door models. The depth and height of all the models are uniform to create an aesthetically pleasing effect when combining models. The detachable and replaceable door panels come in a variety of colors and materials to satisfy people’s diverse lifestyle and personal preferences. 

Designed by: Digital Appliances Design Team of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

When grinders try to tackle both brewed coffee and espresso, they become a master of none. In stark contrast, the Ode home grinder was designed solely to perfect your daily brewed coffee—pour-over, French press, cold brew, and more—while also performing above the competition in cleanliness and quietness. By reimagining what a grinder can be, the designers packed in some pretty impressive features to elevate your morning routine. With 64-millimeter professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and a unique single-dose load bin for maximum bean freshness, Ode brings the café experience into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

Designed by: Designed by Nick Cronan, Josh Morenstein, Florent Alexandre and John Stagaman of Branch Creative for Fellow

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Triple Care Dishwasher

The Triple Care Dishwasher was designed to not only wash and dry your dishes but also to look like a cabinet where dishes are stored and displayed. It features a wide-moving washing rotor with two rotating shafts in the shape of a rectangle that ensure even the dishes in the corners get clean. The dual hot-air technology discharges residual steam and smells at the end of the cycle, enabling faster, more complete drying. The UV sterilization and ventilation functions run periodically to keep the dishes clean so you can leave them in the dishwasher as long as you like. With the touch-on technology, the door opens smoothly with a single touch, and the safety lighting at the bottom of the door prevents accidental exposure to hot temperatures: red means hot, blue means safe. Through the large glass front you can check on your dishes without opening the door, but the half-mirror finish partially hides the dishes from view so as not to clutter your kitchen.

Designed by: Dongju Shin, Jongyoon Yu and Jongsoo Kim of SK magic

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Miranda O3 Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

The Miranda O3 Pulldown Kitchen Faucet harnesses the power of ozone, a safe anti-microbial disinfectant, to turn your water into a powerful sanitizer. It quickly kills 99% of E. coli from your produce, gets rid of salmonella on chicken, and sanitizes your workstations. The Miranda also reduces chemical and non-synthetic pesticides from your vegetables and fruits. The FDA has approved of the use of ozonated water as a food disinfectant. Press and hold the key on the bottom of the faucet for three seconds; a green light flashes when the ozonated water has been activated. It turns tap water into ozonated water by transforming oxygen into ozone and injecting it into the water. Then simply wash your hands, food, or kitchenwares for few seconds to sanitize them. It is safe for you and the environment because the only by-product is pure oxygen.

Designed by: Caiyun Huang, Jianan Ji, Zhenguang Wu and Zhengtie Yu for Bravat

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