Home Furnishings

76DXG Cooker

This is the first double oven stove with a glass top developed and manufactured in Brazil. With a design combining sophistication and state-of-the-art technology, the stove is easy to use and clean. It features a triple-flame burner, 100 percent glass front door, individual grids, a dual-voltage electric grill, super automatic ignition and a timer. The stove’s functional features are enhanced by its brushed stainless steel and glass finish.

Credits: Electrolux Industrial Design Center Latin America
Client: Electrolux
Contact: Sheila Pessoa: sheila.pessoa@electrolux.com.br


Curved Juvenile Gate

The Safety 1st Curve Gate creates 8-12 inches of extra landing space to provide a space for solid footing at the top or bottom of stairs. The Curve Gate can be criitcal at the bottom of a staircase, where the parent traditionally reaches down from the second step to open the gate. This forces the parent -- often holding a child -- to lean dangerously over the locked gate. The Curve Gate design allows parents to step off the stairs completely in order to safely operate the gate. The curved design also acts something like a panoramic or bay window, bringing parent closer to child. For example, a child standing behind this gate in the kitchen doorway can now step into the room to watch the parent prepare dinner.

Credits: Hardlines R&D Team of Dorel Juvenile Group and Product Insight Inc.
Contact: Andrew Marsden: amarsden@djgusa.com


Wilton Rolling Pin

Designed for professional bakers (and people who enjoy baking), this patent-pending product is the first fully-submersible, dishwasher-proof rolling pin on the market. The non-slip handles provide a sure grip during use. Pressing a button on the side allows the handles to be removed for efficient cleaning. A non-stick roller results in improved performance and easy clean-up. The Wilton Rolling Pin is an example of good design transforming an age-old tool into a new, ergonomic, more efficient product.

Credits: Louis Henry, IDSA, Charlie Paradise and Melanie Conklin of A2 Inc.
Client: Wilton Enterprises
Contact: Bruce Ancona, IDSA: bancona@a2inc.com


Smart Touch™ Salad Spinner

The Smart Touch Salad Spinner is designed to make quick work of salad prep. Use the inner basket as a colander to rinse greens, drop the basket into the spinner bowl, set the lid on top, and just one press of the Smart Touch lever sets the basket spinning at optimal speed to dry greens quickly and efficiently. The clear-view top lets users keep an eye on the process. One button engages the integrated disc brake to bring the basket to a quick, solid stop, fluffing the lettuce in the process. The bowl can be used to toss and serve salad and store leftovers. With a stackable top, the Smart Touch helps make the best use of precious refrigerator space.

Contact: Barb Mackintosh: barb@rksdesign.com

Credits: RKS Design Team

Milgard SmartTouch™ window lock

90% of all residential break-ins occur through windows that have inadvertently been left unlocked. The Milgard lock's lever is up when the window is unlocked, down when it is locked. This allows the homeowner to scan the house quickly and feel confident about home security. In a new approach, the lock mechanism is integrated with the window structure itself with an intuitive operation: To open the window, lift up on the lock; to open a window to the right, push the lock to the right. Its ease-of-use makes SmartTouch a natural choice for an aging population.


Fernd van Engelen, IDSA: fernd@carbondesign.com

Credit: Carbon Design Group
Client: Milgard Manufacturing, Inc.

The Whirlpool Duet® Steam Washer

The Duet® fabric care system was one of the first front-load laundry systems in North America. The series' Steam Washer design was refreshed with a new combination of functionality and aesthetics. Its high-capacity drum, steam technology and sanitary cycle all help to streamline laundry processes and deliver even better results. Its new look signals the changing tastes among consumers, offering a sparkling Aspen Green color scheme and water drop surface finish that characterizes the clean and fresh qualities sought by consumers. The best-in-class user interface was also updated with a new audio brand language, delivering a high level of usability and brand identity.

Credits: Global Consumer Design Staff of Whirlpool Corporation
Contact: Sarah Brady: Sarah_Brady@whirlpool.com


Lock-n-Lift Can Opener

This can opener is easier and safer to use than traditional versions. A user locks onto the can and simply turns the knob to cut off the lid, eliminating the need to continually compress the handles. The opener pierces the lid and locks securely onto cans of all sizes. A magnet with a release lever lifts the lid and releases it for safe and easy disposal. Simply press a button to release the lid – hands never touch it. Handles are ABS-covered with Santoprene rubber for a durable, non-slip grip.

Credits: Design Team of RKS
Client: DKB Household/Zyliss
Contact: Barb Mackintosh: barb@rksdesign.com



SuperPop was developed to compete in the semi-automatic washing machine market. It is user-friendly and offers consumers a bold design, efficient performance and attractive cost-effectiveness. SuperPop efficiently washes up to three kg of dry clothes. It features a manual water input system which can be connected to a conventional tap, allowing users to fill only the necessary amount of water and avoid waste. A 15-minute timer with four different programs can be set to automatically shut down the machine when the cycle ends. Its filter stops residues while an internal mechanism handles heavy-duty washing. SuperPop can be easily disassembled and stored, and consumers can conveniently carry it home after purchase.

Credits: Gustavo Chelles and Romi Hayashi of Chelles & Hayashi
Client: Mueller Eletrodomésticos S/A
Contact: Marcio Goncalves: mlbpg@mueller.ind.br


Kristall Chandelier

The Kristall Chandelier is a stunning decorative lighting fixture that creates a unique ambiance. Kristall sheds a combination of diffused and direct lighting, highlighted by each rod tip appearing as an individual pinpoint of light. 98% of the metal used is recycled aluminum; the light source is a hyper-efficient halide bulb that performs better than traditional halogen technology. The light's manufacturing plant itself is fueled by renewable energy (water power). Kristall is available in three versions.

Credits: Jonas Wannfors of LYX
Contact: Eleonore Säll: eleonore@lyx.com


Super Bossa

This ceiling lamp provides efficient and comfortable lighting with reliable glare control, light intensity adjustment and change in light effects. The Super Bossa range features a number of different lamp sizes and user interactivity. The light fixture is composed of stretched aluminum parts and uses incandescent or halogen 200W bulbs or compact fluorescent 42W bulbs. Super Bossa’s lighting system is defined by a white finish reflector and glare control with a screen positioned in its lower part to serve as a counterweight. Users can move the reflector up or down, changing the light from direct to indirect.

Credits: Fernando Prado of Lumini 
Contact: Fernando Prado: fernando@lumini.com.br