C by GE Smart Dimmer Switches

C by GE Smart Switches are a family of hubless Wi-Fi/BLE switches featuring dimming, third-party integrations, custom automations, motion and ambient light detection, and quick setup with an intuitive interface. 

Designed by: Mason Hall, Tom Stimac, Hongbin Xu, Logan Wanner & the BALANCE Innovation and Design team

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Air+ air conditioning

This air conditioner was designed with a runway circular air outlet to maximize the area that is cooled. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, giving users more possibilities.

Designed by: Zhong Xu, Li Baoyu, Han Xu, Guo Benhui, Huang Yiqi and Gu Tangtang of Ningbo Aux Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

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Ambi Chopsticks & Holders

The Ambi Chopsticks and Holders are a set of non-disposable wood chopsticks held together by silicone leaves that during a meal double as a chopstick rest.

Designed by: Oscar de la Hera Gomez of Delasign for The Museum of Modern Art

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Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

The Anjou essential oil diffuser provides consistent aroma and oil diffusion for up to 15 hours with a noise level less than 30dB.

Designed by: Tianyu Xiao, Youlai Liang, Dengkun Yan and Xuncheng Wu of Shenzhen NearbyExpress Technology Development Company Limited

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Arnos is a smart home security system. When one of its sensors is triggered, the alarm will sound and users will get immediate alerts on their smartphone.

Designed by: Leedarson IDC Department

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Beitou Intelligent Shower

The Beitou Intelligent Shower System takes showering to a refreshing new level with smart functions that ease the inelegance of operating the shower.

Designed by: Sophie Su, Chew Kor Han and Lee Chia Ying of Kohler Design Studio

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Chapter Basin and Faucet Combination

Water is a necessity of life. This stylish design combines the concept and imagination of Western and Eastern water containers in a simple and beautiful product.

Designed by: JUSTIME Design Team

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Component Faucet

The Component collection invites you to be your own designer by combining different spout and handles, allowing you to bring a touch of your personality to your bathroom.

Designed by: Ferran Serra, Jean-Hugues Soulier, Chiaying Lee, Sophie Su and Jimin Niu of Kohler Design Studio

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CXW-200-27X6 is a large side-suction electric range hood developed for the Chinese cooking environment. It automatically detects odors and turns itself on.

Designed by: Suping Zhong and Benqiang Zhao of Hangzhou ROBAM Appliances Co., Ltd.

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The mq-700x is a wall-mounted range hood developed for Chinese cuisine. Its ultra-thin body gives users more space to enjoy cooking and a more ergonomic experience.

Designed by: Suping Zhong and Benqiang Zhao of Hangzhou ROBAM Appliances Co., Ltd.

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