Vanward-High End Kitchen Set

This high-end kitchen appliance series includes a range hood and a triple stove with a dual color-matching design that symbolizes the design’s combination of innovation and tradition. 

Designed by:  Zheng Yonghao, Li Zhaoliang, Zhu Xiaochun, Yang Yu, and Lu Yucong for Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co., Ltd.

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Touchable Love Toaster Oven

For those who think cooking is time-consuming or worry about safety when baking, the Touchable Love Toaster Oven provides a safe and comfortable home-baking experience. 

Designed by:  Hu Xiaowu, Zhao Yidan ,Liu Yongsheng, Liu Zhaohui, and Luo Minxiang of Guangdong Midea Kitchen Appliances Manufacturing Co. ,Ltd

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S2 smart toilet

The S2 smart toilet features an LED light that provides UV sterilization, water electrolysis sterilization, and diatom deodorization, providing a healthy and cozy atmosphere for users. 

Designed by:  Wenjun Sun, Desheng Liao, Chen Song, Hengyang Luo, and Chao Chen of D&O Home Collection Group Co., LTD for S2

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NOBLE Air Care Solution Series (AD-1221E, AD-1421G)

The Noble Air Care series of air purifiers goes beyond humidifying and dehumidifying to propose a new vision and direction for air-care products. 

Designed by:  Jung-Jae Jeon, Ga-Hee Kim, Jun-Young Park, and Jeong-Hwa Lee of COWAY CO., LTD

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Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON Dispenser Collection

This family of hand-towel, soap, and toilet-paper dispensers was created to enhance the washroom experience through the intersection of style, hygiene, and advanced engineering. 

Designed by:  Eric Chalko, Susu Gordon, Phil Palermo, Alyssa Mellett, and Julia Kemper of Formation Design Group for Kimberly-Clark

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This intelligent bathroom mirror with integrated light offers one-key defogging, step-less dimming, and color adjustment, giving users a clean and clear surface for all their makeup and hygiene needs. 

Designed by:  Chen Chin-Yuan for Lamxon Technology Building Materials Co., LTD

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Aleutian+ grooming faucet

The Aleutian+ simplifies skin care and oral hygiene. It combines a silicon face brush with microbubbles for deep cleansing, a multifunctional nozzle, and a flosser with adjustable pressure. 

Designed by:  Chiaying Lee, Feiying Su, and Jimin Niu of Kohler Design Studio

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Viva is a mopping robot equipped with obstacle-avoidance recognition, multiple modes of operation, automatic water changing, self-cleaning, and hot drying, covering users’ daily cleaning needs. 

Designed by:  Zhang Zhe for Shenzhen Trifo Technology Co., Ltd

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Tineco Floor One S5 Combo

The Floor One S5 Combo is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a detachable power source and various cleaning tools and attachments to expand its functionality. 

Designed by:  Yongxiong Huang, Xuan Yu, Wujia He, and Song Mao for Tineco Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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Sport Clean Pro

Sport Clean Pro has powerful suction up to 69AW, is equipped with a 2.8-liter clean-water tank and 2.2-liter sewage tank, and comes with a variety of brush heads for cleaning carpets, rugs, and sofas. 

Designed by:  BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

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