The WINBOT WA3 is a wireless smart window-cleaning robot. Powered by a large-capacity battery, it can keep on working for up to 50 minutes, cleaning an area of about 20 square meters.

Designed by: Li Xiaowen, He Fang, Yu Xintong and Liao Wenli of ECOVACS Robotics Co. Ltd.

Contact: mavis.jiang@ecovacs.com; www.ecovacs.com

Vacuum Press Pot

This stainless-steel double-walled vacuum French press can keep coffee warm and fresh for much longer than the traditional glass French press. The entire product is made from stainless steel; there are no plastic parts.

Designed by: Yijun Chen, Bin Zhang, Xichao Zhu and Donglin Yuan of Shanghai Solid Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.

Contact: simonzhu@shsolid.com; http://www.solidflask.com/

Up-and-Down kitchen ventilators

The Up-and-Down kitchen ventilators exhaust smoke and vapor while cooking. The height can be adjusted, and it features self-cleaning by high temperature, voice control and auto-control of the fan.

Designed by: Xueliang Chen, Weijian He, Tuanhui Yin of Vatti and designaffairs Shanghai China

Contact: hexf@vatti.com.cn; www.vatti.com.cn

Toshiba Washing Machine

The Toshiba Washing Machine is equipped with a precision automatic detergent-dispensary system. The control panel is placed at the optimal angle for ease of use. The right-side metal slider allows users to select the daily laundry program and parameter settings with one-handed flicking. The machine also supports voice and app control functions.

Designed by: Tiancheng Yan, Mehmet Oney, Su Qin and Hailong Zhang for Toshiba Corp.

Contact: wujiang1@midea.com; https://www.littleswan.com/

PRIMUS Tankless toilet

The PRIMUS Tankless toilet not only fulfills leading water conservation standards by using about 25 percent less water than conventional siphonic toilets; it also eliminates the need for concealed cisterns and energy-wasting electrical pumps. It incorporates AXENT tankless technology for a powerful flush without the need for a tank.

Designed by: Dean Dong of AXENT (Xiamen) Corp. Ltd. for AXENT Switzerland AG

Contact: frank.reimann@axentbath.ch; www.axentbath.com

Premium wallpaper 'Diamant'

Edel is a high-quality wallpaper collection from LG Hausys. Edel means “noble” and “fine” in German. This premium wallpaper has a thick embossed texture and delicate details that make a space more luxurious and sophisticated. The thickness of Edel creates a 3D effect and makes people want to touch it.

Designed by: Jinkyung Shin, Minsun Kim, Kyunghee Kim and Siyoung Lee of LG hausys

Contact: haelin@lghausys.com; WWW.LGHAUSYS.COM

Platform Air Purifier

The Platform Air Purifier is compact yet powerful with dual and triple power structures. It indicates the filter life, fan speed and contamination level on the front through lighting and animation.

Designed by: Kyoung Hwa Maeng of Coway Co., Ltd.

Contact: jiae10@coway.co.kr; www.coway.co.kr


The P-5600N is a commercial water purifier optimized for businesses such as restaurants that consume a large volume of water or must rapidly fill water bottles. The designers excluded the hot/cold water functions and chose a mechanical water purification method using water pressure alone without electrical equipment to save energy and minimize maintenance costs.

Designed by: Jungjae Jeon of Coway Co., Ltd.

Contact: jiae10@coway.co.kr; www.coway.co.kr

Memory Craft 6700 Professional

The Memory Craft 6700 Professional is a computerized home sewing machine designed for easy use and an enhanced quality of sewing. Metal was used for areas of the body that affect sewing performance, and ABS polymer was used elsewhere its light weight and malleability.

Designed by: Akihiro Izaki, Kiyomi Kawaguchi and Hideki Muto of Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

Contact: izaki-akihiro@gm.janome.co.jp; http://www.janome.co.jp/e1.htm

Kumin Instant Water Heater

Kumin is a water dispenser featuring instant heating technology. Whether you’re making morning coffee, afternoon tea or formula for the baby, simply choose between the preset temperature and volume levels. It heats up the water as it dispenses.

Designed by: Tsungyu Lu, River Cheng and Len Lim of Kohler Design Studio

Contact: kylie.chen@Kohler.com.cn