Axor Starck Shower Circle

Client: Hansgröhe AG, Germany

In a celebration of personal freedom, the Axor Starck Shower can be installed in any room. A pleated curtain made from a non-clinging fabric replaces glass partitions for a light, pleasant shower cabinet ambiance.

Contact: Christiane Creutzberg,
Hansgröhe AG,
+49 78 6511226

Designers: Agence Philippe Starck, France

Arcata Bench

Client: Landscape Forms

Benches offer a space to contemplate or observe, and if form fits function then benches should be designed to attract their own attention. That's just what the Arcata bench designers accomplished with their visually exciting exterior bench for city parks, linear waterfront developments and corporate and university campuses.

Contact: Arno Yurk,
Landscape Forms,
616.381.0396, ext. 207

Designers: Stewart Licensing

RockShox InterBike 2000 Exhibit

Client: RockShox

RockShox invented suspension forks some 11 years ago and revolutionized the mountain bike industry, but business troubles intervened. A strong exhibit showcasing this spectacular product drew rave reviews and capacity crowds for the entire Interbike trade show and set RockShox back on course.

Contact: Mitchell Mauk,
Mauk Design,

Designers: Mauk Design



Why should a public access Internet terminal look like a shrine, closed off, walled in and private when it is supposed to be accessible and ubiquitous as the payphone? That's exactly the question that IDEO designers answered when they reconfigured the terminal into an easily recognizable icon rugged enough to withstand weather and vandals.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Designers: IDEO and Bridge Design, Inc.

Congo Gorilla Forest and Environmental Education Center

Client: Wildlife Conservation Society

Humans on the inside come face to face through full-height windows with gorillas on the outside in this literal replication of a rainforest at the Bronx Zoo. The Congo Gorilla Forest design breaks down barriers between the viewer and the viewed in an effort to inspire advocacy on behalf of the endangered gorillas and the rainforests, which they inhabit.

Contact: David Paul Helpern,
Helpern Architects,
(212) 505-2025;

Designers: Helpern Architects, Wildlife Conservation Society, Jolly Miller, Mahler Architectural Consultants and Hayden McKay Lighting Design

Streetscape Signage for Lower Manhattan

Client: Alliance for Downtown New York, Inc.

Lower Manhattan, New York's oldest neighborhood is targeted for redevelopment and attracting numbers of new residents. But the haphazard street signs are as confusing as the tangled streets of this 300-year-old layout. This new way finding solution is a unique system of maps and signing based on images of the area's world-class landmarks, attractions and architecture

Contact: Kurt Koepfle,
Pentagram Design,

Designers: Pentagram Design


Just as North Losey's camera captured the light at the beginning of the 20th century, this 1920 servant's quarters in Oklahoma has been restored and renovated to capture light at the beginning of the new millennium. The open space, peace and beauty of the guesthouse pay homage to Losey, a territorial photographer.

Contact: Rand Elliott, FAIA,
Elliott + Associates Architects,

Designers: Elliott + Associates Architects

Virgin Atlantic Airways Clubhouse, San Francisco International Airport

Client: Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.

Virgin Atlantic's clubhouse in the new San Francisco International building proves its customers are treated with style in air and on land. Laminated, tempered colored glass expands the long, narrow space and casts ever changing patterns on the floor. A 36-foot long bar made entirely of blue translucent glass is warmed by mahogany paneling.

Contact: Tim Kobe, IDSA,
Eight Inc.,

Designers: Eight Inc. and Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd., United Kingdom

Soft (Lighting) Collection

Client: George Kovacs Lighting Inc.

This sophisticated, hand-blown Murano glass lighting collection has returned George Kovacs to the spotlight it enjoyed in the '60s and '70s. In fact the line has been so successful, the company has had to take on a new 20,000 square foot space just for the increased inventory. Cased double layer glass in four different colors and shapes floats inside clear glass in 64 different configurations to illuminate effectively and beautifully.

"Individually and together, the shapes hold their proportions well. The most compelling part of this design is the systems approach that the designer took, bringing efficiency as well as elegance to its production." -Nasir Kassamali, Luminaire

Contact: Michael Regan,
Karim Rashid Inc.,

Designers: Karim Rashid Inc.

Hewlett-Packard COMDEX Trade Show Booth

Client: Hewlett-Packard

Instead of displaying HP's myriad products like the aisle of an appliance store, this new exhibit approach unified the products around the theme that invention for the common good includes all 6 billion people of the world. The products took a back seat to the people who used them as everywhere visitors turned there were faces, stories, photos, videos and animations of people.

"This exhibition was a welcome relief, with its emphasis on Hewlett-Packard's commitment to people. It captured us with an astonishingly diverse range of participatory displays designed to engage visitors with ideas in addition to products, and made it fun." -Peter Kuttner, Cambridge Seven Associates

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Designers: IDEO, Stone Yamashita Partners, Kaleidoscope, Valiant Pictures, Jack Pacheco Creative, Contempo Design, Landor Associates, Muse Presentation, Scene 2, L.inc design, Gamelet.com, Manalagi Group and Flapjack Interactive