Design Strategy

Good Morning and Good Evening

A beautiful project about the kitchen environment of the future with well executed design, the Good Morning & Good Evening concept is the serious expectation of the future form of digitalism and networks in the kitchen. This new form includes a digital communicator-wearable on the neck, wrist or ear, a digital gate to the house and household appliances, and the digital desk.

"A wonderful set of exciting design concepts that present the future form of household products. It illustrates that the conventional notion 'less is more' goes out of date. It also helps us in experiencing the delightful new world of 'less is a bore.'" - Kyung-won Chung, Ph.D., IDSA

Contact: Rumi Lee,
LG Electronics Inc., Korea,

Credit: LG Electronics Inc., Korea


Client: VisionRX

The e-DMV struck a design balance between space and limitations at the DMV. Using a retinal scanner to verify user information, the e-DMV electronic booths are designed to stay open 24 hours a day for renewing driver's licenses. Because license renewal takes up much of DMV personnel time, the DMV is not able to thoroughly investigate questionable renewals and first-time driver's license applications. Many of the 9-11 terrorists presented fake or phony informaton to obtain valid driver's licenses.

"The jury members agree that the designers have conceived a very workable solution and that anything that will make the Motor Vehicle Bureau experience easier for the customer is a truly noble initiative." - John E. Herlitz, IDSA - Andy Diaz Hope, IDSA

Contact: Mark T. Steiner, IDSA,
Steiner Design Assoc.,

Credit: Steiner Design Assoc.

Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle

Client: United Media

Blowing away the standard corporate cubicle design, the Dilbert Ultimate Cubicle concept addresses the 'cubicle culture' of disaffected workers with a combination of modularity and opportunities for customization. Concept features include: wall modules for whiteboards, corkboards, tray shelves and drawers; a top row of lights that simulate the sun traveling around the cubicle throughout the day and a drop-down seat for visitors.

"Having spent time in a top of the line cubicle, one's appreciation of sound absorbing panels and easy access wire management systems quickly wanes. Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle creates a structure to support and celebrate peoples' need for individuality, creative expression, environmental control and, most importantly, introduces randomness and motion into routine." - Andy Diaz Hope, IDSA

Contact: Scott Underwood,

Credit: IDEO and United Media

Anthropometric Measurement & Modeling Research

The AMMP is an energetic research tool that is exceptionally ergonomic in its approach and results. The tool allows designers to visualize and measure the dynamic dimensions of people with disabilities, in particular human motion. The project used a commercial, off-the-shelf 3D software package to develop the tool.

"There were quite a few entries in the research category, but the Anthropometric Measurement and Modeling Project stood out dramatically for its originality and its rigor. It is a very impressive piece of work and I hope that it becomes commercialized." - Stephen B. Wilcox, Ph.D., FIDSA

Contact: John J. Miller, IDSA,

Credit: School of Architecture and T.K. Martin Center at Mississippi State University

Survival Pod

The Survival Pod includes a water purification unit, storage, shelter, transportation for supplies or injured persons, first aid and food. It's bright orange, watertight and acts as a lifeboat in extreme situations. The Pod was designed to aid flood victims in Mozambique, but can be used in similar situations. The materials are easy made or readily imported, so that assembling the Pod is easy. The Survival Pod is purchased and distributed by government or international organizations.

"The Survival Pod has a lot of innovation designed into one compact kit. It is what you hope the rescuers have on hand for any disaster that involves medical transport, shelter, and water purification." -Lorraine Justice, Ph.D., FIDSA, Director, Industrial Design, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Contact: Attila Bendeguz, Euforia Design,

Credit: Euforia Design

Waterloo Tooldock Research

When Waterloo Industries wanted to reinvent power tool storage for the Do-It-Yourself craftsman, the company hired a five-person, multidisciplinary team that conducted 32 in-home interviews in three states. The result of the research-Tooldock-is a modular, mobile, multi-functional system of workstations that increase enjoyment and productivity. Tabletop tools can be stored in cabinets and replaced with others on stands.

  • The immediate feedback allowed designers to get to new ideas into the designs faster.

Contact: Ed Milano,
Design Continuum,

On the Web:

Credit: Design Continuum and Waterloo Industries


Client: ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc, Canada

Designed to address a critical and unmet need in breast tissue analysis, this unit provides functional information about tumors using an attractive table-like solution, easing the procedure for patients. The functional system is an aquarium-type device that stabilizes the breast in a milk-colored liquid in order to do the scan and the tabletop is integrated in a visually soft product.

  • A laser sends pulses through the patient's breast in a programmed pattern.
  • The data is channeled to a computer for processing.

Contact: Mario Gagnon, IDSA,
Alto Design Inc, Canada

On the Web:

Credit: Alto Design Inc, Canada; Nevenka Prijik and Jacques Mayrand, Canada

MINI Aid Tent

  • Challenged to come up with a relevant first aid clinic from a small and practical vehicle, designers created this tent, which deploys from the trunk and attaches to existing hardware on the MINI.
  • The shelter can be used for a temporary emergency shelter, movable roadside soup kitchen or diagnostic center.
  • The unit expands the car's use as a social tool.

Contact: Catherine O'Connor,
415.908.1492 x20,

Credit: fuseproject

Pret-a-Porter Door

This modular door system enables any house or apartment dweller to order components and configure a unique door featuring a choice of materials and integrated functionality. Panels are made from a broad range of materials while the frame is made of aluminum.

  • Panels include different handle designs, a mailbox cavity, a light with motion sensor, a metal screen or Venetian-style, a message center with recording device for guests to leave audio notes when the resident is away, pet door and coat hangers

Contact: Gerard Furbershaw, IDSA,
Lunar Design,

Credit: Lunar Design

Stanley InVision Stud Finder

The InVision is an electronic scanner capable of locating and seeing the exact position of wood studs, metal studs and pipes and live AC wires through drywall and other common wall materials. It can penetrate to a depth of three inches into the wall and will project a life-size representation and location of an object in the wall onto the LCD display, rather than using blinking LED lights, as do common stud finders.

  • Comfortable shape encourages proper hand placement.
  • Ability to differentiate between wood, metal and wire eliminates danger of electrocution caused by drilling through live wires.

Contact: Gary VanDeursen, IDSA,
The Stanley Works,

Credit: The Stanley Works