Communication Tools

VersaMe Starling

VersaMe Starling is a science-backed, wearable device to boost brain development in young children. Research shows the number of words a child hears throughout the day strongly predicts future vocabulary, IQ and emotional well-being.

Starling keeps a running count of spoken words—by and to your child—through direct, verbal engagement. Pair it with the VersaMe app to set word count goals, monitor engagement progress and set challenges. Shaped like a friendly little star, it is soft, seamless and safe—attaching to baby clothes via a tethered magnet. Design is good when it’s in perfect harmony with the user, and even better if its value extends into a lifelong benefit like Starling.

Designed by: Dan Harden, Hiro Teranishi, Wei Gu

Contact: Sieglinde VanDamme

Flexible Mobile Phone

Flexible Mobile Phone Concept is a smart design made of 0.2mm thickness graphene flexible touchscreen. It can bend freely on your wrist, and used as an ordinary mobile phone when unfolded.

Designed by: Ke Chen, Feng Bi Huang, Jie Fan, Wan Ji Liao, Bo Hong Zheng Nan Da Chen, Liang Zhang, Chuan Gai

Contact: Look Design


blipcast streams audio from any 3.5mm audio jack to your smartphone so you can watch TV, play video games or listen to music without disturbing others. With blipcast, you can use the headphones you already own and a single unit can stream to multiple smart devices at once with the blipcast app without any audio delay. In line with its function, blipcast is designed as a physical representation of an audio blip. It’s small enough to fit in between the wall and your TV, but it wasn’t designed to disappear - it was designed to also look sweet next to your turntable or on your Nelson buffet.

Designed by: KEM STUDIO

Contact: Jonathon Kemnitzer

Polycom RealPresence Centro

The Polycom Centro is a paradigm shift in video conferencing. Polycom spent 10 years researching how we can make quicker smarter decisions, and discovered that sitting in a circle reinvents the meeting dynamic—allowing everyone to hear and to be heard. Typically, in video conferencing, everyone stares at a singular display, giving remote participants better visibility of the users than those in the same room. The Centro is the first, fully integrated, 360° video conferencing solution designed to facilitate more natural, creative and productive meetings. It allows participants to engage with everyone equally—whether they are remote or local. The Centro is designed for small groups, classrooms and boardrooms.

Designed By: Pip Tomkin Studio and Polycom

Contact: Samuel McClellan


X330 is a vehicle dash cam system that collects information to verify the factors causing accidents—possibly preventing future accidents and make driving safer. The system can be voice activated and features a full-HD camera and a GPS system. The security LED on the front of the camera comes on when a vehicle moves or is parked. X330 is slim and does not block the driver’s view; and it's vented to prevent overheating.

Designed by: Jae Woon Park, Seung Ho Lee and Eun Ho Choi of THINKWARE

Contact: EunMi Jang

QXD950 View Camera

QXD950view vehicle dashboard camera is a specialized, on-board surveillance camera designed to monitor and record driving incidents. Mounted to the windshield, the camera turns on automatically upon starting ignition and actively records video footage with an auto-looping mechanism. When it senses impact, the camera stores the incident footage in a secure location for later viewing.

Designed by: Jae Woon Park, Seung Ho Lee and Eun Ho Choi of THINKWARE

Contact: EunMi Jang

Mercedes-Benz Starview

Mercedes-Benz Starview is a mounted, vehicle dash cam system that identifies the causes of accidents based on video footage and GPS data. The system records clear, full-HD video of the front and the rear of vehicles during daytime and nighttime and detects small external shocks when vehicles are parked. The collected information could help prevent future accidents, making driving safer.

Designed by: Hyun Ju Lee, Seung Ho Lee and Eun Ho Choi of THINKWARE

Contact: EunMi Jang


Robin by Nextbit is the first smartphone designed to never run out of space. Equipped with 32GB on the device and 100 more in the cloud, Robin learns your habits and offloads the apps and photos you use least, so you always have room for what you use most. The modern, rectangular device is a welcome change after years of repetitive and uninspiring smartphone design.

Designed by: Scott Croyle, Peter Riering-Czekalla and Ashley Yousling of Nextbit; and Josh Morenstein, IDSA, Willy Carteau and Nick Cronan of Branch

Contact: Carly Rickards


goTenna is game-changing technology that pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, allowing you to text and share your location with anyone who has the device, even if you have no service, by sending information over VHF radio waves. It’s a decentralized, secure radio antenna for your smartphone  with complete end-to-end encryption. No service? No towers? No satellites? No problem! It can be used in hiking and skiing outside of a network; emergency situations in which the network is down; an overcrowded network at a music festival or a conference; and during international travel to avoid roaming network charges.

Designed by: Mark Prommel, IDSA, Marco Perry, IDSA, Peter Chung, Lisa Yanz Lehman, IDSA and Chad Ingerick of Pensa; and Daniela Perdomo and Jorge Perdomo of goTenna

Contact: Maja Hamberg

Yoga Wireless Capsule Earphone Concept

The Yoga Wireless Capsule Earphone Concept by Lenovo comes with a charging box for multiple user scenarios. Users can wear the same gear from gym to office thanks to its neutral design. A 2D touch control provides easy and comfortable access to adjust the volume, providing an outstanding audio experience. 

Designed by: Lenovo Design for the Lenovo Group

Contact: Fiona Han