Commercial & Industrial Products

RIDGID 18V grease gun

The RIDGID 18v two-speed grease gun precisely lubricates heavy equipment. It was designed for automotive, agricultural, and mining worksites.

Designed by: Leon Yoong, Ohi Tac, Parel Thomas, Thomas Wong, Samantha Ho, Sober Ning Gang, and Liang Tian Liang of Techtronic Product Development for RIDGID

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The Core Router

The Core Router is a P-bit router that can help customers build a super-wide, simple, intelligent IP backbone network.

Designed by: Sun Zhen, Huangchun, Wan Zhicheng, Li Lei, and Zhang Chi of ZTE Corporation

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SPRM Power Controller

The SPRM Power Controller uses silicon-controlled rectifier thyristor semiconductors to control the electricity supply to adjust the temperature of an electric furnace or heater.

Designed by: Song Sunkyoung, Kim Donghwan, Kim Jaeyeon, Shin Bomin, and Cho Dohyun of Autonics Design Team for Autonics Corp.

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CLOVA FaceSign

CLOVA FaceSign uses facial recognition to quickly authorize people to enter a building, eliminating the need for them to show identification, such as a card or fingerprints.

Designed by: NAVER Corp. for NAVER Corp.

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The MARSMARCH ROBOT is both a hotel-supplies delivery robot and a takeout delivery robot with its functions divided through its modular design.

Designed by: Jiancheng Yang, Fei Wang, Ye Zhu of Beijing Marsmarch Co., Ltd. and Banghui Pan, Zhaoyang Yu of Shanghai Slamtec Co., Ltd.

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Compact Vacuum

The Compact Vacuum provides powerful performance and ultimate versatility to excel in small areas and spot-cleaning applications on the job site.

Designed by: Sanson Chan, Timothy Lee, and George Yu of Techtronic Product Development Ltd. and Lea Plato and Paul Rossetto of Milwaukee Electric Tool for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

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WeChat Pay C1

WeChat Pay C1 is a new smart device for checkouts that can either be used on its own or integrated into existing POS systems, taking merchants’ digital business capabilities to a whole new level.

Designed by: WeChat Pay of Tencent Technology 

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ARRIS Skydio Aero Structure

This redesigned airframe replaces a 17-part assembly with a single multifunctional structure using Arris’s Additive Molding technology, providing the strength and stiffness of titanium at a fraction of the weight. 

Designed by: ARRIS & Skydio

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Apex Exosuit

The Apex Exosuit is made for workers in the logistics industry to fight fatigue in the workplace. Designed without motors or batteries, the science-backed Apex weighs just 3.4 pounds and can reduce over 50 pounds of strain on the back. The mechanism for the load absorption is powered by a combination of mechanical hardware and elastic latex bands that act like artificial muscles. The backpack-like design keeps workers cool and comfortable, is intuitive to put on and take off, and has a low profile that allows for a wide range of motion. The modular design accommodates 56 size adjustments, addressing a wide range of body shapes and sizes, including gender-specific fit options.

Designed by: Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Ryu Tomita, Paul Reamey, and Aybuke Sahin of the Interwoven Design Group and the HeroWear team

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The BDR100-20 is a mobile construction-waste recycling system. It crushes, screens, meters, mixes, presses, molds, and palletizes construction waste, quickly transforming it into different types of bricks. The bricks are suitable to use on-site for the garden and nonbearing walls. It features a high degree of automation. Each unit can cover five to six house construction sites. This one-stop recycling process can bring considerable economic benefits to users. By repurposing construction waste, it saves disposal, recycling, and transportation costs. The negative-pressure dust collection system, coupled with the vibration-based breaking and vibration-damping features, minimizes its impact on the job site and local residents. 

Designed by: Rumiao Liu, Mingjie Wang, and Minliang Kang of Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics Co., Ltd. for Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd.

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