Commercial & Industrial Products

Quantix Hybrid Drone System for Agriculture

The Quantix Hybrid Drone System offers an end-to-end ecosystem providing actionable field intelligence for precision agriculture. The system includes a drone, tablet controller and robust software package that delivers real-time data analytics on crop health and crop yields.

Designed by: Paul Belik, Jeremy Tyler, Rip Rippey and Henry Won of AeroVironment and AWOL Co.


Verge with WashBar

Verge is an all-in-one handwashing system. The WashBar is a chrome-plated fixture housing touchless soap, water and a dryer. The Verge basin is made with Evero natural quartz. Engineered to balance airflow and noise, the dryer works together with the bowl to prevent water from spraying users and the floor.

Designed by: Sean Kim and Chris Murry of Beyond Design, Inc.

Contact: suzannef@sbcglobal.net


The UNIVERSAL MULTI BAR allows elevator riders, regardless of age, gender or disability, to easily select and verify their desired floor. With the 3D indicator, users can easily identify the direction of the elevator regardless of where they are standing. The elevator can be called by pressing the knee button with a knee or by placing a foot on the foot button for two seconds.

Designed by: Jin Sung Lee, Jung Ho Bang, Sang Min Lee, Tae hoon Kim and Chae Woo Park of Hyundai Elevator


NCR Silver Quantum Commerce Station

The NCR Silver Quantum integrates many of the components of a point-of-sale solution that others forget: a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, loyalty scanner, payment device (chip, swipe and dip card), customer-facing display and USB hub. The NCR Silver software also provides business-management software, including inventory, staff management and reporting.

Designed by: Kwan Lee of NCR User Centered Design for NCR Corp. 


Mitsubishi Elevator Registry

This product is an elevator hall touch control panel equipped with a destination-oriented allocation system (DOAS). Users register their destination floors before boarding, enabling the DOAS to efficiently coordinate the movement of multiple elevators in response to the acculated demand.

Designed by: Satoshi Yamazaki of Mitsubishi Electric Corp.



The KUKA KR AGILUS II closes the gap in the field of high-performance small robotics in the electronics and automotive industries. It is also suitable for many applications in medium-sized companies. Different versions, installation positions, reaches and payloads make the AGILUS II a versatile precision artist with an accuracy of less than 0.0012 inch.

Designed by: Mario Selic of Selic Industriedesign and Valentina Antonovsky, Leander Eisenwinter, Benjamin Kuhl and Moritz Zasche of KUKA Robots


imonkey 24-in-1 Screwdriver Set

The 24 bits in the imonkey 24-in-1 Screwdriver Set were carefully selected to cover most of the screws found in the home. The bits are attached to the aluminum alloy case using magnets. The aluminum alloy construction of the bit handle makes it more robust than conventional plastic handles.

Designed by: Zhuhai imonkey Technology Co., Ltd.


IBM NS16e-4 NeuroSynaptic Supercomputer

The Neurosynaptic Supercomputer is a brain-inspired AI supercomputing system driven by an innovative architecture and chip set. The architecture combines the left-brain language and analytic thinking of standard computers with the right-brain sense and pattern recognition powers of the neurosynaptic chip, creating a holistic computing intelligence.

Designed by: Camillo Sassano, Kevin Schultz and Aaron Cox of the IBM Industrial Design Program with William Risk, Ben Shaw and Mike Debole of IBM Research for LLNL and the US Air Force.


HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers were designed to be a complete automated system for small to medium-sized development teams, design firms and universities. The 8-inch color touch display guides users with animated step-by-step tutorials and LED wayfinding indicators. The earth-friendly printers automatically reclaim excess print material for use during the next job.

Designed by: HP Global Experience Design Team / HP Imaging & Printing, HP Inc. 

Contact: drolan@gmail.com

Ingersoll Rand G1811 Belt Sander

The Ingersoll Rand G1811 Belt Sander is a cordless industrial power tool for sanding and grinding. It targets automotive repair, fabrication and restoration applications and is designed to optimize power, control, durability and access for professional mechanics. It is also suitable for industrial maintenance applications.

Designed by: Dennis Naksen, IDSA, Scott Price, IDSA, and Joshua Johnson of Ingersoll Rand