Children's Products


mCookies can be used by companies as an easy-to-use prototyping solution; classrooms to bring ideas to life; and families to bring the joys of DIY creation to everyone. mCookie’s design is very different from the common DIY hardware products on the market.  Where the predecessors are a jungle gym of wires and circuitry, mCookies simplify with pogo pins and magnetic connectors and boast a refreshing color scheme. No soldering or wiring means greatly increased safety, while pogo pins mean no compromise in reliable performance. 

Designed by: Wang Zhenshan, Pan Kejia, Li Xi, Feng Bin and Hu Jian of Microduino Inc.

Contact: Xi Li

Yibu Play Experience

Yibu learning is a new platform that transforms screen time into a meaningful and physically active experience for children. Yibu includes five crafted, wooden toys embedded with sensing technology, which are connected to a character experiencing environmental challenges on the screen. Children who play the game learn about the world around them and feel empowered to make a positive difference.

Designed by: Rainer Wessler, Simone Rebaudengo, MingMin Wang, Paul Adams and Shirley Chen of frog

Contact: Nicola J. Smith

Miracle 360 Cup

The Miracle 360˚ Cup is a sippy cup with a 360-degree drinking edge that automatically seals when a child stops drinking, eliminating messes. Drinking from anywhere around the rim—also makes it easier for a child to drink, and feel like a “big kid.” The Miracle 360˚ is dentist- and speech pathologist-recommended, as prolonged use of traditional sippy cups can lead to developmental issues with children’s mouths and teeth.

Designed by: Matt Saxton and Kevin Johnson of Munchkin, Inc.

Contact: Mark Tebbe

Designed by Students Floating Locker Shelves

The Designed By Students Floating Locker Shelves help make the most of locker space by dividing the vertical area into multiple levels of storage. The design consists of four panels covered in a durable, dual color fabric, with sturdy construction that can withstand daily wear and tear. Fitting into most 12” lockers, the Floating Locker Shelves unfold and rest diagonally against the locker walls, creating five convenient compartments for lunch, books, shoes and more.

Designed by: aruliden; and Daniel Reilly, IDSA and Jeremy Hetherington, IDSA of Staples, Inc.

Contact: Daniel Reilly, IDSA


LAON car seat is an economic and practical car safety seat for newborn babies and children up to 7- years-old. It uses ISOFIX, the standard child protection equipment of ISO, and is separated into the base to mount ISOFIX and the car seat for a child. The anti-sliding shoulder belt is adjusted automatically when the height of the head rest is adjusted as the child grows up. LAON child seat studied the structure of the child seat and the safety of children based on a number of CRS tests, making safety the top priority.

Designed by: Sung Min Han and Min Seok Kim for SOONSUNG Co., Ltd.


Kano Computer Kit

The Kano Computer kit by Kano and MAP was designed for people of all ages all over the world. It is simple and powerful. Users can make games, learn code and create the future. The kit includes a wireless coding and gaming keyboard, a Raspberry Pi, a customizable case, a speaker module, packaging and accessories.

Designed by Jon Marshall, Scott Barwick and Jacky Chung of MAP and Alex Klein and Yonatan Raz-Fridman for Kano

Contact: Lucy Hopkins -


Sphero 2.0

Designed for gaming, Sphero 2.0 is a sophisticated multifunctional robot ball that is controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Users can choose from over 25 apps and launch a new world of mobile game play. Sphero rolls 7 feet per second and pairs to devices via Bluetooth. Sphero is pet proof, waterproof and ready for any adventure.

Designed by Orbotix

Contact: Steevy Griffin -


BabyBjorn Baby Carrier WE

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier WE is a durable, comfortable and adjustable baby carrier. The carrier can hold a child in three safe positions: inward facing and high on the parent’s chest for newborns, inward facing for bigger babies and on the parent’s back for toddlers over 12 months.

Designed by Mårten Andrén, Elisabeth Ramel-Wåhrberg, Jakob Wikner and Lisen Elmberg of BabyBjorn AB

Contact: Bridgette Kovacevich -


Wing Control Dusty Crophopper

The Wing Control Dusty Crophopper for Mattel is a remote-controlled plane that lets children become the heroic flyer Dusty from Disney’s feature film Planes. Children are able to maneuver the toy by slipping on two handheld wings, pushing a button to drive Dusty forward and using their arms. The interactive toy also speaks 40 different phrases and sounds from the movie.

Designed by IDEO and Mattel, Inc.

Contact: Andrea Stangarone -



BOOKTENT creates a private space where imagination can come to life. This educational toy allows children to build their own creative space for reading, drawing and playing. The panels are made from environmentally safe materials that make it easy for kids to create the worlds in their books and imaginations.

Designed by Dae Kyu Kim of BOOKFARM Co., Ltd

Contact: Dae Kyu Kim -