Bespoke US Kitchen Package & Bespoke FDR RF8000B


People’s tastes diversify and segment over time. With this in mind, the Bespoke US Kitchen Package helps users style their entire kitchen as they want it in a way that goes beyond just selecting individual products. These four Bespoke kitchen appliances—refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher—were created in a range of materials and colors so that purchasers can mix and match options to suit their tastes. The line is divided into two types: one that applies luxurious colors to stainless steel (traditionally preferred in North America) and another that uses glass in various colors.

Designed by: Hyunil Lee, Sangwoon Jeon, Junhyeok Choi, Aeryun Kim, and Ahjung Joo for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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