Alyssa Coletti, IDSA

Alyssa Coletti, IDSA
Founder, Nonfiction Creative

Alyssa founded Nonfiction Creative to focus on the essential elements of concept, form, and craft in product design. Her designs have received multiple awards, including Best of NeoCon Gold and Editors’ Choice awards.

Alyssa’s design process is rooted in the principles of timelessness and longevity, while empathetically providing elements to elevate the experience. “I imagine myself in the experience of the individual. What would fill my emotional and physical needs in this situation or environment? Comfort? Confidence? From that view, I look for a way to design an empathic answer to create that experience.”

Alyssa studied industrial design at Purdue University and spent her early career with Bernhardt Design, Lenovo and Williams-Sonoma Home.

In addition to her design work, Alyssa has served as an adjunct faculty member in the Industrial Design program at Appalachian State University.



Getting It Made Deep Dive 2021 Session Description

Paths to Production

Creating a great concept can be the easiest part of a project. In this session, we will discuss the steps that are needed both before and after the concept to bring a new product to life. What groundwork should be done to convince a manufacturer to choose and embrace your work? We will also discuss the revision, review, and rework processes that occur during development to refine and optimize your product for its release.

Alyssa Coletti and Kevin Stark have experience developing new products from the perspectives of both the manufacturer and the independent designer and will cover their backgrounds to help you better understand the process.