It's an exciting time to be a designer in Indianapolis!  The design community here is tight-knit and growing rapidly.  The IDSA Indianapolis chapter is the network that links design professionals (industrial, graphic, user experience, web), innovative professionals (marketing, engineering, manufacturing, business), businesses (from local consultancies to Fortune 500s), suppliers (rapid prototyping shops, model shops, materials providers), students, and even design-focused non-profits (design education, community revitalization) across the state by providing meaningful training, networking and relationship-building opportunities, and exposure for the design profession. We explore how Design is affected by many other industries, such as Engineering, Graphic Design & Branding, Manufacturing, Fine Arts, and Entrepreneurship.

We invite you to connect with us through social media at FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and to sign up for our Newsletter. And, if you are interested in becoming a member or joining our leadership team, we'd love to have you!  Please contact us at


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Hung-Hsiang Chen, IDSA, Chair
Parker E. Trow, IDSA, Vice Chair